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Visitor helps Carlyle's Main Street get its goat

A special visitor brought smiles to people's faces in Carlyle recently.
Carlyle Main Street Goat
Jeremy Garling pictured at the Carlyle post office with his pet goat Jelly Bean.

CARLYLE — On July 15, the Carlyle Post Office was the scene of a rather strange occurrence.

At the front entrance, a young eight-month-old goat by the name of Jelly Bean delighted the many residents who were just picking up their mail. 

Jeremy and Rhonda Garling live southwest of Kisbey on an acreage that is home to many animals, including ponies, ducks, rabbits and, of course, goats. Jeremy was employed by Grimes Sales and Service for many years but in 2017 suffered an unexplainable physical disorder.

“Jelly Bean has visited many towns in the past and their residents find her delightful and interesting. She is very therapeutic and in this upside-down world we can all find a little levity in our day. Animals are a very calming influence on my husband,” said Rhonda.

“The reason we take Jelly Bean out in public is because our main goal has always been if we can make one person smile or laugh, that’s all that matters. At least they are laughing. You never know who needs a break from all of life’s stresses and sadnesses.

“We have had many people tell us afterwards, we really needed that laugh. It makes Jeremy and I feel good knowing we are doing our part helping people find happiness even if it’s just for a few minutes.”

Carlyle Has It is the town’s slogan. One didn’t know it included visiting with a goat on Main Street. Sporting a dress, no less.