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Weyburn Comp student company place second for national JA award

In The Moment Clothing Co. wins second as 'Best Store Builder of Year' in Canada
JA clothing company
The Weyburn Comp JA company, In the Moment Clothing Co., has won second for a national JA award, "Best Store Builder of the Year".

WEYBURN – The first semester Junior Achievement company, In The Moment Clothing Co., from the Weyburn Comprehensive School, has added to their win as “Company of the Year” award for Saskatchewan, as they won second place for “Best Store Builder of the Year.”

They were selected along with two JA companies from Northern Alberta for this new award, according to an email from JA Canada received on Monday.

In The Moment Clothing Co. was a Junior Achievement Company created by the Entrepreneurship 30 Class at the school, and they operated in the first semester of 2021-22 with 16 company members.

“It has been a great experience for all of us to have together. We have received real life experience in a business standpoint. It feels great to have placed second in Canada, and we owe it all to Ms. Arnold,” said Chelsea Speedie, vice-president of Finance for the company.

The student members of the JA company included Ty Boren, Ryker Watt, John Vogel, Ben Manning, Danny Fortune, Riley Payne, Evan Lund, Tre Thompson, Ben Michel, Elias West, Shae Pelechaty, Eva Severson, Chelsea Speedie, Hayley Gill, Jared Vilcu and Halle Robins.

The students created a clothing company that sold and distributed hoodies, beanies, and limited T-shirts. In The Moment Clothing Co. targeted Weyburn and surrounding areas. To give back to the community, the company donated 10 per cent of the profits to the Weyburn Humane Society.

For the national Junior Achievement competition, they were entered in the Manufacturing/Retail category, where the primary product of the company is made or sourced by a group of students, usually sold in an in-person setting or online.