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A kindness giveaway at Right Cross Ranch near Kisbey

Boxes of beef will help local families
Right Cross Ranch photo
Sarah Anderson distributing Kindness Giveaway Beef Boxes.

KISBEY - Jim and Sarah Anderson are ranchers who own and operate Right Cross Ranch, located near Kisbey.

They have a 400-head Angus based cow-calf operation, an on-farm sale facility, grain farm around 1,500 acres, consult for the TEAM online auction market and sell beef off the farm. Sarah is also a photographer whose business specializes in the celebration of rural families and life. 

Jim was born and raised in Kelvington, and Sarah near Ponoka, Alta.; they both grew up in ranching families. In 2010, they decided to purchase their own operation and were married that year. 

They have two daughters, Morgan, 7, and Quinn, 5, and a two-year-old son Cole. The entire family rides horses; the girls are impressive cowgirls and key components to cattle drives. Jim and Sarah are passionate about ranching and feel there is no better way to raise a family.  

Right Cross Ranch will host their 11th annual Angus Bull Sale on April 6, 2022. They are extremely proud of their cattle and aim to provide other producers with stock that will easily adapt to their new homes. The Andersons dedicate themselves to putting in their best effort, no matter what the task. 

Earlier this year, Right Cross Ranch was approached by a local organization to collaborate and sell Beef Boxes as a fundraiser. From the beginning, Jim and Sarah felt warmly welcomed by their community and were excited by the opportunity to give back. Locals experienced ranch raised beef at its finest and the fundraiser was deemed a success.

With any public event comes the chance of a glitch. In early November, the Andersons received an unsigned letter, negative in tone, in regards to the community fundraiser. The letter stung and brought feelings of disappointment, confusion and sadness. They carefully considered their response, and after a long phone conversation, Sarah's mom, Dorothy Jeffery, suggested, "You must reply with kindness."

The Andersons saw an opportunity to teach their children, and decided to address the situation from a positive perspective, a Kindness Giveaway. Community members nominated people in need who they felt would benefit from a 15-pound box of beef. 

Initially, one name would be drawn and the Andersons would deliver the box of beef to that nominee. Sarah's Facebook video initiating the giveaway was viewed over 4,000 times. Nearly 20 names were received, indicating a dire need. Jim and Sarah were overwhelmed by the response and expanded the Kindness Giveaway. 

The Andersons want to bring positive energy to their community; every person or family nominated in the Kindness Giveaway will receive a 15-pound box of beef.

Their friends Kate and Ryan Lowenberger even joined the cause and donated two pounds of hamburger to each box. 

For Sarah, the giveaway has been one of the most humbling and fulfilling experiences. Her heart is full knowing she made a difference to people who need it. When asked about the giveaway and what it meant to them, Jim states, "We just want everyone to remember that most people are just trying to do their best to navigate through their lives and a little kindness goes a long way."       


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