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Acoustic Christmas concert is coming to Orpheum

The Acoustic Sessions Christmas, starring Jack Semple, Chris Henderson, and Munro & Patrick (Heidi Munro and Scott Patrick) is coming to the Orpheum Theatre at the end of November.
From left, Jack Semple, Heidi Munro and Scott Patrick, and Chris Henderson in the back are coming to Estevan's Orpheum Theatre to perform on Nov. 27.

ESTEVAN — The Acoustic Sessions Christmas, starring Jack Semple, Chris Henderson, and Munro & Patrick (Heidi Munro and Scott Patrick) is coming to the Orpheum Theatre at the end of November.

On Nov. 27, the four musicians and singers will come together to perform original songs and Christmas classics.

Munro said that the series was born out of the pandemic and over the past few years proved to be popular with the public.

"I actually approached Chris and Jack during the pandemic, [we almost hate to say that word now] because we're all professionals in the industry, and we've all worked together and shared the stage at some point. And we were just really needing to present a show that was a top-quality and upscale performance in a theatre-type setting and still follow guidelines at that time. That's how the Acoustic Sessions was born," Munro explained.

"At that time, I had also approached the province, and media, and arts organizations, and festivals and all kinds of things in the province to try and get a platform for the music industry during the pandemic. And then Jack and Chris actually agreed to sit on that panel with Scott and I and some festival directors and venue directors across the province.

“So, the show itself was born from that. And we've been fortunate to play at least two or three times a year throughout that, and we all know each other very well, and it's a real joy to share our music and some Christmas favourites in a real acoustic stripped-down setting.

"We're extremely excited to come to the Orpheum Theatre.”

At the Estevan concert, the four performers will be sharing stories and featuring some great Christmas songs as well as some of their favourite originals.

"There will be elements of traditional country music, probably the new country music. There'll be a real blues and jazz influence. It will be a real mix that's really complimentary. Maybe a little bit of Motown thrown in there as well and some really great country sounds," Munro shared. "We all have had albums out, so sharing our own music is very, very important for us as artists. But then also sharing songs that really resonate with the audience, that they're familiar with, that they can sing along with and really dig into is important as well.

"It's kind of a shame that the show can't go on all night because there's so many great songs," Munro said with a laugh.

The evening will showcase the incredible songwriting, vocals, musicianship and performances of these well-known, multi-awarded, working professional Saskatchewan artists, and the concert is to be a soulfully moving celebration of the music arts, such a necessary fabric to the people of Estevan and the area.

The group of four has worked with each other on different occasions before. Munro said she first worked with Semple when she was 15 or 16 years old, and then shared the stage with him quite a few times. Patrick and Henderson worked together a lot in professional country music as well. And after successful solo careers and crossing paths at concerts, awards shows and festivals, and sharing the stage, Munro and Patrick started working as a duo over four years ago.

"We've all crossed paths, and we all really respect each other's work. And we've become really great friends through this, too," Munro said. "Everybody's styles are really unique in their own right, but we all really complement each other, vocals and performance, and the musicianship, and the playing of the guys. It's absolutely fantastic."

The show format allows musicians to collaborate but also to feature their own pieces.

All musicians have performed in Estevan and the area before. Henderson, originally from Estevan, is a well-known and loved musician. The last time Semple brought a guitar show to Orpheum was in August last year. And Munro & Patrick recently played at a private event at Arts Concepts Custom Framing, and in March of 2021, they brought their show to the Happy Nun Café in Forget. And now they are looking forward to coming back to Estevan.

"We're really excited to bring this show together there," Munro said.

The concert starts at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $45, taxes included, and are available at Henders Drugs and the Orpheum Theatre over the phone at 306-634-3409. Merchandise will be available at the concert, and singers will visit with guests after the show.

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