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Albert Hale of Kisbey celebrates his 102nd birthday

Albert Hale has lived a rich and interesting life, and there was a big celebration for his birthday.
Albert Hale Kisbey birthday
Albert Hale, middle front row, enjoyed a day full of celebration with family and friends for his 102nd birthday. Back row, from left, Bert Hale, Dave and Hazel Tanner, Grant Hale. Front row, from left, Mauraine Hale, Albert Hale and Marilyn Hale.

KISBEY - What a celebration it was at the Kisbey United Church with a beautiful hymn sing, and later at the Kisbey Rec. Centre, for coffee and cake.

Family, and friends from everywhere came to celebrate Albert Hale’s 102nd birthday on May 8. His two sons Grant and Bert, and their sister Hazel, along with spouses, attended this wonderful event.

Hale lived his entire life in the Kisbey area. He was raised on the family farm, consisting of cattle and wheat. The herd of cattle also supplied them with cream, as they would milk four or five to acquire the rich milk.

At age six, Hale, along with a friend, pulled a wagon box over, which was sitting on the ground. This did not prove to be a clever idea as it broke Hale’s leg when it landed on him and put him on bed rest for 11 weeks. He said it was something he would never do again.

When he was 14 years old, his dad would go north with a threshing crew, leaving this teenage boy in charge of the farm. Hale easily harnessed horses and looked after cattle as he loved the job.

Hale had three sisters. His oldest sister passed away at the age of 13 when she contracted meningitis.

Hale said, “Back then there wasn’t the medication to treat this, like there is today.”

Several years later, Hale would meet the love of his life, but he also went into the army at the same time. He did not want to marry before he left in case anything might happen. He was sent to Jamaica from 1942 till April of 1946, where he looked after a prisoner of war camp.

Upon his return in April, he married in July 1946 and soon bought his father-in-law’s farm. His wife’s parents remained on the farm until the fall and moved into Kisbey.

According to Grant, Hale’s oldest son, his dad was a natural with the cattle and all the farm work involved. He was enthusiastic about his life. Hale continue to farm and raised his two sons and daughter there.

Hale left the farm with his wife in 1982 after 42 years of farm work and moved into Kisbey. This is when his son Bert bought the farm, while Grant had a farm close by.

In 1994, Hale and his love went to the Weyburn Nursing Home. Hale did not need to be there, but he wanted to be at his wife’s side. He stayed till 1996, and eventually returned to Kisbey after his wife’s passing in 2016. They were married for 70 years. During those years, they became grandparents, great grandparents, and great, great grandparents.

During all these years, Hale has stayed a strong Christian and has always been involved heavily in the church. He also entertained at the Moose Mountain Lodge for 18 years on his harmonica.

It was only last December that Hale moved to Estevan at the Hill View Manor home. Although he is a little harder at hearing, he has enjoyed his life and many adventures along the way.


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