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Assiniboia council discusses town projects during meeting

The CAO reported that it had been a very busy summer with lots to come yet in the fall. The paving crew is done now for the year.
Town Council for Assiniboia

ASSINIBOIA -- Town Council for Assiniboia met in Council Chambers on September 7. The following are notes from that meeting.

In attendance were: Mayor Sharon Schauenberg; Kerri Martin, executive assistant; Clint Mauthe, chief admin officer and councillors Peter Kordus, Graham Harvey, Patrick Grondin, Kent Fettes, and Robert Ellert.

Coun. Paul Tendler; Stephanie VanDeSype, recreation and community wellness manager; and Nic Zuck, director of operations, were absent from the meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. The agenda was adopted, with motions from Fettes and Grondin, and accepted.

Public acknowledgements were given to Assiniboia Times for coverage of meeting and Tom Stanley, general public.

All minutes from last meeting adopted as read. Motioned by Ellert, Harvey.  Carried

Correspondence received from RM Lake of the Rivers #72- Statement of Financial Position; RM of Stonehenge #73; Water Security Agency - Sewer Main Extension; and Canada Community Building Fund.

These correspondences adopted into agenda by Fettes, Grondin

The CAO reported that it had been a very busy summer with lots to come yet in the fall. The paving crew is done now for the year. The town crew will handle what is left with a rented milling machine. Tenders for next year’s work will go out very soon, and crack sealing will continue.

Sidewalk repair is done for the season with $341,000 spent in repairs.

Strictly Fencing is now scheduled for Sept 11 for repairs.

Coun. Harvey reported the paid account. Discussion on some of the bills paid.  Report accepted by Kordus, Fettes.

Coun. Ellert saluted Stephanie and her crew for all the works done this summer.  The self-watering flowerpots have made a huge difference this year. 

Coun. Kordus reported that the Assiniboia Museum has currently a gun display in house. Some issues have been raised about the security of this display. The RCMP has been contacted and will be advising what needs to be done to make this a secure display. 

Mayor Schauenberg attended a zoom meeting with the health region. She has followed up with other mayors in the area and found that all are having health care concerns as well. Discussion on the need for a defib machine to be placed in the new arena on completion.

Schauenberg attended Mayors Summer School presented from SUMA.

The RCMP has started a citizen watch program in town.

There are two new businesses opening in Assiniboia: Vybe Hair Salon and Lotsa Mozza Pizzeria. 

In the new business report, Zuck reported that the landfill dump crawler had to be replaced. Two proposals put forward. The first option was to buy new 2020 JD with full warranty. The second option was to purchase a used 2014 from SMS Equipment. Discussion ended with the vote to purchase the new one. Motioned by Kordus, Fettes. Carried.

There is a surface drainage issue on Suburban St. Discussion of what is the best way to handle and fix this issue.Two proposals put forward, but issue was tabled till next meeting until further information can be gathered.

Mauthe brought the 2020 Statement of Audited Financials to Council. Some discussion and request for clarification were made on some entries. Statement accepted as is. Motioned by Ellert and Fettes. Carried.

The meeting closed at 8:30 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 20.