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Assiniboia Town Council expresses appreciation for Musical Ride

Council appreciation was expressed to the RCMP for all the work done in preparation and presentation of the Musical Ride here in Assiniboia.
RCMP Musical Ride6
The RCMP Musical Ride was hosted in Assiniboia on June 15

ASSINIBOIA - The Town of Assiniboia Council held a regular meeting on June 27. In attendance were: Mayor Sharon Schauenberg; Councillors: Peter Kordus, Kent Fettes, Robert Ellert, Patrick Grondin, Renee Clermont, and Graham Harvey; CAO Clint Mauthe and Kerri Martin.

Public Acknowledgements were given to Tom Stanley, Ashley Burney (RCMP) and the Assiniboia Times. The agenda was adopted with the addition of new item added under new business. Motioned by Fettes/Kordus.

The minutes from council meeting of June 14 were approved and adopted as read. Motioned by Ellert/Grondin.

The minutes of the Oath of Office were adopted and accepted as read from June 14. Motioned by Fettes/Harvey. 

The RCMP report presented on behalf of Sgt. Siliker by Ashley Burney was accepted as read. Motioned by Kordus/ Harvey. Council appreciation was expressed to the RCMP for all the work done in preparation and presentation of the Musical Ride here in Assiniboia. The ride was a huge success and enjoyed by everyone who attended.  The riders from the RCMP expressed how much they had enjoyed doing the show in Assiniboia as well.   

Correspondence was accepted and adopted as read. This included a newsletter from SUMA, and a thank you from the RCMP Musical Ride. Motioned by Fettes/ Clermont.

Administration report was given by CAO Clint Mauthe.  It was a very busy month in town with several projects on the go. 

Sandsealing will start July 4. A paving crew is in town for approximiately three weeks, starting on July 27. Concrete work is almost completed. The surplus sale of equipment through Ritchie Brothers was very successful and the monies brought in was good.

Statement of Financial Activity given.  The list of paid accounts was accepted and adopted as given. Motioned by Fettes/Grondin.

Request for Decision

Roll uncollectible to taxes. Unanimous approval from council.  Motioned by Ellert/Fettes. Zoning Bylaw amendment. First reading of this amendment given. Motioned by Grondin/ Clermont.

Accumark Request: Permission was granted to the airport to build a cover all building at the site. Motioned by Fettes/Kordus.

Request for lot purchase: the offer to purchase lots on Campbell Road was denied by council as the offer to purchase was considerably lower than SAMA assessment of the property. Motioned by Grondin/ Fettes.

Council approved the lease agreement for a new greens mower for the golf course starting in the 2023 season. Motioned by Ellert/ Grondin.

Council presentations given by each councilor reporting their attendance at meetings and functions in the past 2 weeks.

Meeting adjourned.  Next Town Council meeting to be held Tuesday, July 12 at 6:30 p.m.