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Buffalo Party holds its inaugural AGM in Estevan

Party launches first leadership campaign
Buffalo Party Kris Carley
Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan president Kris Carley.

ESTEVAN - The Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan’s inaugural annual general meeting (AGM) was held in Estevan on the weekend.

The party ratified its new constitution, elected its executive, discussed policy items and announced plans for its upcoming leadership race. About 60 delegates were present and another 10 attended virtually.

Party president Kris Carley, who hails from Carnduff, said they completed everything they wanted, and the interaction among the members was more than what was expected.

He said the new constitution was read out and unanimously approved by members without amendments.

“It’s a 21-page document that lays out the constitution and bylaws of the party. It essentially dictates how we govern ourselves as a board of directors, and it sets timelines for candidate races and a leadership race and board elections and AGMs,” said Carley.

The party’s board spent a lot of time on the document, and they’re pleased it supported by all who were present.

Many of the party’s ideas, meanwhile, on everything from gaining more influence for the west, to having a referendum on western separation, to health care and education, can be found in its policy documents.

“Policy always comes up. Policy’s the fun part of politics. That’s what brings people to the party is the policy part of it,” said Carley.

Joining Carley on the party’s board are Justin Chrobot (vice-president of membership), Barry Knight (treasurer), Tim Huber (vice-president of constituency association development), Kyle Stronski (southwest regional director), Les Guillemin (Regina regional director) and Reece Hunstad (southeast regional director).

Kayla Goudy has put her name in to be the party’s secretary.

The party is still looking for northwest, northeast and Saskatoon regional directors, and vice-presidents of policy and governance, marketing and communications, and fundraising.

The party also launched its leadership race to find its first elected leader. Anybody who wants the job has until Dec. 31 to submit their requisite papers. The leader will be elected by the members on Feb. 26, 2022.

Candidates will be announced on Jan. 12, 2022. Nobody had put their name forward to be the leader as of Sunday afternoon.

Carley believes its enough time to have a proper campaign.

“One month gives them plenty of time to decide if they want to run, and they’ll have about a 45-day campaign where they can go out and essentially find the voters to vote them in as leader,” said Carley.

Shirley Huber has been the interim leader since early September, after the previous interim leader, Wade Sira, was removed from the position – a move criticized by some party supporters.

Carley said they want to have the leader in place in time for the release of the provincial budget, which typically happens in March.