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Buffalo Party's provincial convention coming to Estevan

The Buffalo Party AGM will be the first for the party. It will begin with registration at 11 a.m. on Nov. 27, and continue until noon the following day.
Phil Zajac, Buffalo Party
Phil Zajac represented Buffalo Party in the Estevan constituency in the last provincial election.

ESTEVAN - The Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan will have its annual general meeting (AGM) Estevan on Nov. 27 and 28.  

The AGM, which will be the first for the party, will begin with registration at 11 a.m. on Nov. 27, and continue until noon the following day.

Phil Zajac, who represented the party in the Estevan constituency in the last provincial election, said the convention will have several highlights, including the unveiling of the party’s constitution, with ratification by the membership; the election of the party’s new board for the upcoming term; and the announcement of the leadership race. 

The constitution is ready and will be distributed shortly to the constituency associations for review. 

“There is a timeframe where CAs and members are able to submit possible additions, amendments or addendums that will be reviewed at the AGM,” said Zajac, who is the local constituency association’s president and the provincial party’s secretary.

The party has an interim board in place that has operated since before the 2020 provincial election.  

“Then with different circumstances that have happened in the province, whether it be COVID rules or whatever, we had to delay the AGM for a while,” said Zajac. “Of course, this is all fluid. Things could change at any time.” 

Once the new board is elected, the interim label will be removed. 

The timelines for the leadership race will be set at the meeting. The party constitution will set out certain guidelines for when a leadership race can be announced and when it has to be finished. 

Zajac said the leader will be selected within six months of the convention. He’s not sure if he’s going to run for leader.  

Nobody has submitted papers to be the party’s leader, he said.

Wade Sira was the interim leader of the party from July 2020 until he was removed from the position, a decision that drew criticism in some circles. The announcement was made on Sept. 1.

Shirley Huber of Estevan is currently the interim leader. Zajac said she would maintain that role until the new leader is elected by the members.

Estevan was selected to host the convention because of the support that the riding gave the party in the 2020 provincial election. Zajac received more votes than any of the 17 Buffalo Party candidates, and was one of four Buffalo candidates to finish second in the election. 

Wes Smith finished second in Cannington.

“We know that economics in the oil and gas industry down here have been a little slow, so we thought we would come to Estevan, which is a point where I think this next provincial election, we have the most at stake,” said Zajac.

Zajac said the party is hopeful to have 150-250 people attending the convention, but there will be a virtual format for people who aren’t able to travel, or who are hesitant to attend due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They also have a back-up plan in place if the convention can’t happen due to the pandemic.

The deadline to register is Nov. 13.

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