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Carlyle RCMP investigating a number of incidents

It was another busy week for members of the Carlyle RCMP.
Carlyle RCMP police vehicles
Police vehicles at the Carlyle RCMP detachment.

CARLYLE - It was a busy week in traffic enforcement this week, and both Carlyle RCMP and Traffic Services were active enforcing traffic laws.

Fifty-three tickets were handed out this week including 14 inspection tickets. Many were for cracked or broken windshields. The highest speeding fine of the week went to a male who was clocked at 135 kilometres per hour, which carried a fine of $300. Three fines were for unregistered vehicles, which carried fines of $580 each.

Many people may be searching for this information in regards to their elderly family members or friends who are still driving. There comes a time in all our lives when it is no longer safe for us to be driving. If you think you have a family member or friend who maybe should no longer be driving and should have their licence reviewed, please reach out to SGI’s Medical Review Unit at 1-800-667-8015 ext. 6176 (toll free), or email It’s everyone’s responsibility to keep our roads safe.

The Carlyle RCMP took advantage of the nice weather and conducted their first quad patrol of the year. The quads will be used to conduct ATV enforcement in the area to ensure people are using ATV’s safely, properly and not driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These quads are also used to locate missing persons and travel to areas of the detachment area that are not accessible by vehicle.

On May 2, the RCMP responded to a break and enter at a SaskPower transfer station near Manor. Members attended and observed that the lock had been cut off the man door. Nothing was taken from the building but it was suspected the culprits may have been looking for copper wire to sell for money.

The Carlyle RCMP is requesting that anyone with information about this incident to contact the detachment by calling 306-453-6707. Information can be submitted anonymously through Crime Stoppers by calling 1-800-222-8477 or online at

On May 3, the RCMP received a complaint from the Kisbey Post Office, advising that an adult female that had been previously banned from the retail side of the post office had shown up and was refusing to leave. The RCMP spoke with both parties and the banned female had thought her ban from the post office had been lifted.  RCMP explained that the female would need to contact Canada Post directly in order to be allowed in the building again.

That same day, the RCMP was called to a disturbance between a separated male and female who were fighting over custody. The father had arrived at the residence and wanted to take his one-year-old child and the mother did not want that to happen. In this instance the father agreed to leave the child with the mother but sometimes these events do not end as well. Every week here at the RCMP, we get child custody disputes from parents who are separated but raising a child or children together.

The problem is that in almost all of these cases, there is no court order agreement for the RCMP to enforce or dictate which parent has custody of the child. I know this is a very difficult and sensitive situation for anyone that is involved in a shared custody agreement, but without a custody court order, there is nothing the RCMP are legally allowed to do, as we are not allowed to decide who, when, how or why one parent has custody over another.

My best advice for anyone that is separated with kids is to get a custody court order as soon as possible, even if you and your ex-spouse are on good terms with one another.

On May 4, the RCMP received a complaint from a male in Carlyle who had his coat and wallet stolen from his truck, which had been parked in front of his residence on Stockton Avenue in Carlyle. The male suspected his ex-wife was responsible for the theft but she was denying any involvement. The Carlyle RCMP is requesting anyone with information about this incident to contact them or Crime Stoppers.

On May 5, the RCMP received a call from a young mother who had asked her ex-spouse and the father of her baby to look after her baby while she went out. The mother then returned and her ex was refusing to return her baby. RCMP attended and spoke with both parties. RCMP soon found out that the female caller was intoxicated and that the male spouse was going to return the baby to the mother, but only once she was sober. The RCMP encouraged both the mother and the father to get a custody agreement in place to avoid further disagreements for occurring in the future.

Also on May 5, the RCMP received a call to a residence where a domestic assault was taking place. When RCMP arrived at the residence, they located a female who had a swollen nose and lip, and there was dried blood on her face. The RCMP located the victim’s boyfriend in the residence and arrested him for assault as well as several breaches for failing to comply with his probation. The Carlyle RCMP always has space at their bed and breakfast for people accused of domestic assault and this situation was no different. The male responsible was held in custody and made his first court appearance on May 9.

On May 6, RCMP responded to a break and enter at the activity centre in Redvers. Nothing was stolen in the break and enter and there are currently no suspects. The Carlyle RCMP is requesting anyone with information about this incident to contact the detachment or Crime Stoppers.

That same day, the RCMP responded to a mischief call in Redvers. Some young kids were throwing snowballs at a residence in town. When the owner exited the house, the kids took off. The owner of the residence caught three of the kids responsible and gave them a ride home to their parents. The owner did not want to press charges but in this instance had every right to. 

Also on May 6, the RCMP was called to a disturbance at a residence with two intoxicated individuals fighting. When members arrived, occupants did not want to tell officers what had taken place. The RCMP was aware one of the intoxicated individuals that had been causing problems was on probation with conditions. The RCMP arrested the male for breaching his conditions and he was lucky enough to spend the night at the RCMP Bed and Breakfast.

On May 7, the RCMP was dispatched to a hotel in Carlyle to a domestic in progress.  When RCMP arrived, they learned that a male and female had been drinking and they started to argue until the male assaulted the female. The male was arrested for assault.

That same day, the RCMP received a call from a male who had hit a deer on Highway 9 near Kenosee Lake. Fortunately, nobody was hurt during this collision but the vehicle had to be towed from the scene.

Also on May 7, the RCMP was called to a residence where a male was intoxicated and trying to start fights with other people at the home. The RCMP attended and arrested the male. While at the residence, the RCMP observed another intoxicated male that was known to be on conditions to abstain from alcohol. RCMP also arrested this second male. Both males spent the night secure in Carlyle RCMP cells where they were watched over by one of our lovely and responsible RCMP guards. 

On May 8, the RCMP was called to a residence to assist removing two unwanted persons from an apartment. When RCMP arrived, both were arrested for being unlawfully in a dwelling, as neither of the male lived at the residence. Both males were removed but no charges were laid as the owner did not wish to pursue charges against them.



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