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Carlyle RCMP now has a Pedal Patrol

Officers also called to a couple of rollovers in early June.
Carlyle RCMP Pedal Patrol
A Pedal Patrol is now part of the Carlyle RCMP.

CARLYLE - Community members may have seen officers riding pedal bikes around town last week. The detachment has received four bikes that officers will be riding in the area during the summer months.

If you see our officers out and about on their bikes, stop and say hello. They are looking forward to meeting people in the communities that we serve.

The officers won’t be doing actual patrols on the bikes; instead they will be used as a way for our officers to connect with the public. On June 3, a couple of officers took the bikes out for their first ride around town. The effort was very well received, with several community members stopping to visit with our newly formed Pedal Patrol.

The bikes weren’t on the road for 10 minutes before Constables Kisby and Dubeau had their first selfie request. A man from New Zealand is pleased to now have a selfie with him and two Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers to show his friends and family at home.

As for police work this week, a man walking down the highway phoned for assistance, saying he was tired and couldn’t walk any farther. Police did dispatch an ambulance, but upon further investigation, it was determined that the man inappropriately used 911. This is probably a good time to remind the public you can be charged with a Criminal Code offence for misusing 911.

Officers attended an alarm call. The unusual stormy weather and rain set off the alarm.

We attended a single-vehicle rollover. The driver went off the road, hit the south ditch and launched over the approach, breaking a stop sign and landing in the ditch nose first. The vehicle (sounds like the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard) bounced twice before coming to a stop.

All air bags were deployed. Non-life-threatening injuries were reported. Thankfully both occupants were wearing seatbelts, otherwise the outcome could have been worse. We are not releasing the names of the occupants, but we can say they were not Bo and Luke Duke.

Vandalism was done at a business. Sometime during the night, the culprits placed cardboard over the outside cameras and the shed was damaged again. We do have suspects and the investigation is ongoing.

A community member phoned to report he gave his bank information to fraudsters pretending to be from the STARS Air Ambulance lottery. When asked if he had any money taken by the fraudsters, the caller said no, because he didn’t have any money to give them.

We received a call about a semi-trailer speeding in an 80 kilometre per hour zone and tailgating the complainant’s vehicle. The semi was heading into the Broadview detachment area, so we alerted the detachment members there.

A caller phoned to report someone yelling and swearing in her house. The subject of complaint wanted to fight with people in the house. Officers attended and kept the peace while the would-be fighter packed up her belongings. She declined a courtesy ride to her friend’s house.

Five young offenders were witnessed to be causing damage to a school. The investigation is continuing.

An employer phoned to report suspicious behaviour by one his employees. We appreciated the phone call from the employer. Our follow-up investigation determined nothing to be alarmed about.

A call was received regarding two people fighting in the caller’s yard. Both combatants received minor injuries that were assessed by emergency medical services.

A woman phoned reporting a very scary situation when she observed a semi truck that didn’t stop at an intersection stop sign. Officers are continuing their investigation.

A homeowner reported that several items were taken from his residence while he was away during the winter months.

A gas station owner reported that a motorhome with an out-of-country licence plate filled up with $57 worth of fuel and left without paying. The motorhome was stopped on the highway by police. The apologetic driver said he thought he paid with his card, but the payment apparently didn’t process. The driver paid the gas station owner cash for the fuel and was able to carry on down the road.

A caller phoned and reported the keys were left in his truck, and, not surprising at all, his truck was stolen. We located the truck nearby. No one was in the driver’s seat. The passenger was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

We attended a single-vehicle rollover. The driver was making a right-hand turn but was travelling too fast. The driver’s rear tire hit the edge of the gravel and the vehicle slid down the ditch and hit a culvert. The car then rolled onto its roof. Thankfully there were no serious injuries.

We received a request to lead the Carlyle graduation parade. The Carlyle Detachment officers and staff extend congratulations to all of our area graduates. We hope you have a safe graduation and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

To finish up the week we received a call reporting a piece of rebar sticking out on a bridge, creating a traffic hazard. Police contacted the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure and they are working on the issue.

Several tickets were issued during the past week. These included three stop sign tickets, 19 speeding, one seatbelt infraction, one for cell phone usage and two for not having a licence plate secured and/or visible.

This sums up our week. Sgt Holmstrom will be back writing the police report next week.


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