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Carlyle RCMP offers Halloween safety tips

Carlyle RCMP has lots of advice for trick-or-treaters this year.
Be safe and have fun this Halloween.

CARLYLE - Halloween is a favourite holiday for adults and children alike and the Carlyle RCMP would like to remind the public of some safety guidelines to ensure all the little goblins, princesses and superheroes remain safe while trick or treating on All Hallows Eve. 

Parents or guardians should:

  • Ensure your child is accompanied by an adult or older sibling who can take responsibility for and ensure the safety of the child. This includes holding hands when safely crossing streets;
  • Choose costumes that are bright in colour and make use of a flashlight, reflective patches or strips to ensure your trick or treater is visible to motorists (glow sticks work great too);
  • Ensure your child’s costume is the correct size/fit and does not restrict their vision or mobility to limit the possibility of a trip or fall hazard;
  • Speak with your child about pedestrian/road safety, which includes crossing streets only at crosswalks (no jaywalking), always walk on well-lit sidewalks/paths and watching for vehicles turning and backing up;
  • Examine all candy and treats collected, and be aware that some edible marijuana can come in soft candy-like forms or chocolate. Remember, if a piece of candy is already opened or not in its original wrapper, dispose of it immediately. 

Also, remember to report any suspicious or tampered-with packaging to the police. We can assist with issuing a possible safety notification to the public.

Speak with your children about Halloween safety. Here are some points you can discuss with them:

  • As always, do not enter into a stranger’s home or vehicle;
  • Work through a plan that tells them what they should do if they get lost;
  • Look both ways before crossing the street and be mindful of vehicles turning or backing out of driveways;
  • Never run out in front of a moving vehicle or try to cross a street between two parked cars;
  • Trick or treat in groups of friends or with your older siblings/parents; and
  • Do not eat any treats until your parents have inspected it.

Homeowners should make sure the electrical cords which are lighting up your yard are kept out of high traffic areas to avoid tripping hazards; secure their decorations to prevent them from being damaged either through weather and/or vandalism; keep your property well-lit during and after the trick or treaters have come to help deter property crime; and, at the end of the night, bring in the decorations that can be easily moved.

As for motorists, do not drive while impaired by alcohol or drug; do not drive distracted, so keep your cell phone out of reach. They should also be alert and drive slowly, and be prepared for the possibility that excited children may dart across the road or intersection. Likewise, watch for pedestrians jaywalking.

The Carlyle RCMP looks forward to seeing community members while we’re out on patrol this Halloween.

We encourage anyone who witnesses or suspects illegal or dangerous behaviour to contact the detachment by calling 310-RCMP or, if it’s an emergency, call 911.

Thank you and have a happy and safe Halloween.