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Carlyle RCMP officer is a drone master

Drone acquisition was part of a pilot project, and the Carlyle detachment is one of the first in Canada to secure one.
Const. Rafal Samowedziuk operating his drone at the Carlyle RCMP detachment.

CARLYLE - A few weeks ago, the Carlyle detachment of the RCMP became the authorized users of a sophisticated drone.

It is technically known as an unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV. This drone will be used to assist the RCMP in their detective work and in locating missing persons using infrared radiation. 

This UAV has a 45-minute battery life, can cover distances of up to 32 kilometres and can fly at a speed of 80 kilometres per hour. It is equipped with state-of-the-art cameras and can take clear, concise pictures from over 500 metres.

The drone acquisition was part of a pilot project, and the Carlyle detachment is one of the first in Canada to secure one. The team has selected Const. Rafal Samowedziuk as its authorized user. Samowedziuk has obtained his advanced pilot certificate and can legally operate the drone in many air spaces that basic users cannot.

Samowedziuk and his wife Aga were born and raised in Poland. In 2006, they moved to Northern Ireland where he was employed as a truck driver. In 2013, an Alberta trucking company, H & R Transport, offered work VISAs to come to Canada.

Samowedziuk accepted and the couple settled in Lethbridge, Alta., where he became a long-haul trucker, driving a semi-tractor all over North America.

In February 2020, Samowedziuk decided to apply for a job with the RCMP. He was hired in 2021 and completed training at the RCMP depot in Regina. In November of that year, he was posted to Carlyle. His wife is employed as a co-ordinator for Cornerstone Family and Youth. Daughter Ariana is five and is their only child.

The couple has enjoyed their tenure in Carlyle and are comfortable with small-town living.

“I lived in a small town such of this growing up,” explained Samowedziuk. “There is lots to do and the people are very friendly.”

After expertly showcasing his skills flying the drone just outside the detachment, Samowedziuk came up with an idea.

“I am thinking we should give our drone a name. Perhaps the Carlyle Fun Dayz committee can hold a contest this summer and announce the winner at their event on August 19th. Our drone is really deserving of a nickname,” he said.

The Samowedziuks strongly believe in community involvement and support many local events. Rafal plans to show the drone at various schools and day care centres in Carlyle and surrounding communities starting in early September.

Samowedziuk enjoys woodworking and is acquiring a reputation as a talented handyman. Soccer is his favourite sport. His wife is an experienced interior decorator. Regarding daughter Ariana, Samowedziuk proudly declared, “She looks just like me and likes to do all the silly things that I do.”

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