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Carlyle RCMP reminds people how to prevent property theft

Although communities in southeast Saskatchewan are very safe places to live, vandalism and theft remain a concern for citizens, community councils and the RCMP.
Michael Shortland Carlyle RCMP
Michael Shortland is the staff sergeant at the Carlyle Detachment.

CARLYLE - The Carlyle RCMP is offering advice to the public on how to prevent property crime.

Although communities in southeast Saskatchewan are very safe places to live, vandalism and theft remain a concern for citizens, community councils and the RCMP.

Crimes of opportunity continue to be reported to the police, the RCMP said. With this in mind, there are actions you can take to limit the possibility of becoming a victim of crime.

Many of the most effective precautions are based on common sense, are not elaborate, nor are they cost prohibitive or time consuming.

As the new RCMP Detachment Commander in Carlyle, I would like to share a few of these measures, which I hope you will consider implementing in an effort to help reduce any property crime occurring within our surrounding area.

Secure your property

Securing your property by simply locking doors and windows – your homes as well as any outbuildings - can prevent theft as in my experience, culprits are looking for crimes of opportunity. They would rather not break a window or draw attention to themselves when the chances are high they can find an easier target nearby.

Place your property out of plain view

This tip goes along with securing your property. Having potential expensive property or valuables in plain view will be noticed by a passerby, especially one with ill intentions. This is true for money, jewelry or garage door openers left in the console of vehicles, as well as tools or equipment in plain view due to a garage or shed door being left open.

It is highly recommended that if you have high-value property, or if you live in an area that could be considered remote or rural, additional precautions such as cameras and alarms should be considered to help keep it safe.

Keep your property well maintained, well lit and viewable from the street

Keeping your property well-lit at night, having doors/windows visible from the street, as well as having a well-maintained yard can reduce the possibility of your property being targeted by potential criminal activity. A well-maintained yard sends a message to people that you take pride in your property and monitor it regularly.

Generally, individuals connected to property crime don’t want to draw attention to themselves.  If there’s a possibility they will be observed either by you or a neighbour, they may move on.

Cameras and alarm systems

Cameras and alarm systems are hugely beneficial in helping to prevent criminal activity, such as property crime. Again, individuals associated to this type of criminal activity want to remain unseen and unheard. If culprits know your property has working cameras and is also alarmed, they may move on.

Call the police if you see suspicious activity

As a police officer, I cannot over-stress the importance of calling the police if you see a suspicious person or vehicle in the vicinity of your property. Contrary to popular belief, most property crime is not solved during a break-in or theft.

Charges laid and linking criminal activity results from dedicated police officers connecting pieces of information gathered at crime scenes, conducting detailed analysis of the facts and obtaining information from the general public as part of their investigation.

This is why reporting suspicious vehicles and people are so important. If you see suspicious activity, please call the police immediately. 

Report crime – so the police know it’s happening

When you call to report an incident to police, you may be asked to provide location of the incident, date and time, descriptions of a person or vehicle, and information about what you observed.

Why should you report crime?

When crime is reported to the police, officers get a clearer picture of the types and number of crimes occurring in the area. This information helps us launch future police projects, initiatives and education campaigns.

Did you know you can report crime online if there are no witnesses or suspects, or item(s) lost or stolen are worth less than $5,000; vandalized property will cost less than $5,000 to repair; or there are no items involving personal identity, firearms, licence plates or decals?

Reports made via online crime reporting are investigated the same as if they were reported any other way. Report crime here:

I encourage anyone with information about any criminal activity to please contact the Carlyle RCMP at 306-453-6707, their local law enforcement agency, 911 in an emergency or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477.