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Carlyle RCMP report - break and enters a concern

Five incidents in one day in Wawota
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CARLYLE - I guess it’s human nature to always try and get something for free. However, people that steal or take property that doesn’t belong to them should be ashamed of themselves.

Everywhere I go, I am constantly surprised how brazen thieves can be by going into people’s homes or onto people’s property to steal items that don’t belong to them. There is absolutely no excuse to steal someone else’s property and if you’re caught, you can count on being charged criminally. 

This week the Carlyle RCMP responded to several break and enters and thefts with several items stolen, which I will discuss further in this week’s report.  Nothing makes police happier that catching people with sticky fingers. 

Even though sometimes our justice system isn’t as strict as we would like, here in rural Saskatchewan, where everyone knows everyone, your reputation is everything.

On Feb. 25, RCMP responded to five break and enters in Wawota. Front Porch Interiors, McCarthy Veterinary Services, Andrew Agencies, the RM of Wapole shop and the Wawota Curling Rink were all broken into when the door was pried open. In each of the break and enters, the degenerates stole money from the cash register. Forensic Identification Services attended and processed all the scenes.  Fingerprints were able to be lifted from a couple of the scenes so hopefully we can identify who was responsible for these break and enters. All the break and enters took place during the night.  If you happened to see anyone driving around on the night of the 24th or know any information about these break and enters, please call the RCMP or Crime Stoppers.

The Carlyle RCMP spent a lot of time at the hospital this week, making sure people were okay. The current mental health crisis in Canada only seems to be getting worse. I want to ensure that if someone needs the suicide prevention phone number, that it is always available in the paper for them. Mental health calls this week varied from people with dementia, people suffering from drug and alcohol psychosis, to people suffering from depression. We want to encourage everyone to reach out for help and talk to someone if they can. No matter how bad things may seem, remember that they will always get better. Life can be very difficult to say the least.

Please reach out and check in with friends, co-workers and family to see how they are doing. It’s a perfectly normal question to ask people how they are. Don’t let people suffer in silence. If you see someone that you believe needs some help but won’t accept help from you, please let the police or their family know. 

In Saskatchewan you can call/text the mental health crisis line at 2-1-1, Counselling Connect Saskatchewan Canadian Mental Health Association 1-306-384-9333

The Carlyle RCMP was busy conducting traffic stops this week, issuing 29 tickets for speeding, inadequate lights and failing to have a driver’s licence, to name a few. The most expensive tickets this week were for unregistered vehicles, with fines coming in at $580. The highest ticket of the week for speeding was $312 for traveling 118 kilometres per hour in an 80 zone.

On Feb. 22, officers took a complaint from a concerned motorist on Highway 13 who was following a semi and trailer travelling at a slow rate of speed and swerving from side to side. Members located the semi on the highway near Arcola.  The driver of the semi advised that he was very concerned about the icy roads and that he would be pulling over at the next rest stop. The driver was not impaired.

On Feb. 23, RCMP responded to a house on the White Bear First Nations due to the door being kicked in. The homeowner did not think anything was missing from the house and did not know who would have kicked her door down. Carlyle RCMP is requesting anyone with information about this incident to call 306-453-6707. Information can be submitted anonymously through Crime Stoppers by calling 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or submitting a tip online at

On Feb. 24, officers responded to a report of a gas and dash at the Esso in Redvers. The culprits were tracked down by the RCMP. This turned out to be a miscommunication and both the driver and the passenger of the vehicle had thought the other paid for the gas. They then phoned, paid for their gas and apologized for the inconvenience.

On Feb. 27, RCMP responded to a call from a frantic 34-year-old man in the area, stating that a bear was in his house. RCMP, along with conservation officers, attended the residence and determined that there was no bear in the residence and that a dog had gotten its paw stuck in the door. The caller was a little em-bear-assed.

That same day, the RCMP received a call of a vehicle driving on Highway 13 on its rim with no tire near Redvers. RCMP located the vehicle parked. Both occupants in the vehicle were intoxicated but RCMP were unable to determine who was driving when the complaint was made. RCMP also observed open alcohol in the vehicle.  The occupants in the vehicle were arrested and charged for open alcohol in a vehicle and breaching court conditions. Both occupants were then transported to Carlyle RCMP to have a sleep, even though they weren’t tire-d.

On Feb. 28, members received a call of a female refusing to leave a residence in Redvers. The caller stated that he and a female spent the night drinking in his house and she was now refusing to leave. The RCMP attended and spoke to the intoxicated female, who said she was too intoxicated to walk anywhere and didn’t have anywhere else to go.  RCMP arrested the female for mischief as she was not welcome in the house. Police lodged the female in their bed and breakfast to provide her a safe place to sleep and sober up. The female was released the next morning with no charges.

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