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City of Estevan receiving a new pillow bouncer for Royal Heights

New pillow bouncer has and is covered by warranty.
Royal Heights Veterans' Memorial Park Estevan
Royal Heights Veterans' Memorial Park in Estevan.

ESTEVAN - Estevan is going to have a new pillow bouncer to replace the one that was damaged shortly after it arrived. 

The structure will continue to be located at the Royal Heights Veterans' Memorial Park. Rod March, the manager for parks and facilities for the City of Estevan, noted that it was purchased through a donation, and it’s under warranty, so there won’t be an added cost for the city.  

“The manufacturer said he’s never seen this before,” said March. “It’s kind of an anomaly, I would imagine. I did my research. Kingston, Ontario, had one from them for 14 years without issue. And Peace River, Alberta, said they had theirs for 10 years without issues.” 

March was there when the damage occurred. Contrary to rumours that there were a lot of children on it when the issue occurred, March said there was actually just one person using it.  

“The side just started to disintegrate, and it just basically blew apart a full six or seven metres down the east side. When I sent the video to the manufacturer, they were dumbfounded. They had never seen it before. They were very apologetic, very good about it, and said they have a new one on the way and they’re coming up to install it.” 

A camera is located at the site, but the city expects parents to monitor their own children.  

“Like any other amenity, we expect people will respect it and follow the rules that are clearly posted right at the entrance.”

The weight limit for one person is 225 pounds, but it can handle many people at once. 

March said he would touch base with the installers Tuesday, and they don’t want it to be delayed, so he hopes it can be in place during the first two weeks of August.  

It appears to be faulty materials that caused the shredding, but the manufacturer will carry out an investigation. 

“These things can get punctured, but it’s no different than a bike tire of the olden days. You just put a patch on it and move forward.” 

The pillow bouncer is expected to be accessible for a few weeks once it opens again. It’s timed to come on at 9 a.m. and shut off at 8 p.m., just like the spray park.  

“It’s home to an automation system that reads the weather at the beginning of the day, so if it’s below 10 degrees Celsius or if it’s forecasted to rain, it will not inflate. Otherwise it will. I think it’s pretty automated, pretty sophisticated for a little bouncy castle of that size.”  

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