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Court dates issued to several offenders following long weekend activities

An altercation at a local lounge required the attention of members of the Estevan Police Service (EPS) on the night of May 20.

An altercation at a local lounge required the attention of members of the Estevan Police Service (EPS) on the night of May 20.

The police report indicated that a man had been asked, by management to leave the lounge and was escorted from the premises by police.

The man said he wanted to re-enter to speak with the lounge owner but was instructed by police to stay away, but he still opened the door and attempted to return, so was subsequently arrested for being intoxicated in public.

While being searched police found the man to be in possession of five ecstasy tablets so he was charged accordingly and has a July 8 court date.

While on patrol, EPS members witnessed a vehicle being driven erratically so they stopped the vehicle and a female driver was arrested for impaired driving and driving while her blood-alcohol level was over .08 per cent. She will appear in court on July 8.

Police and Fire, Rescue personnel were summoned to a local hotel that same night when it was reported that a potential gas leak was happening near a couple of the rooms. The customers were told to place wet towels in front of the doors while police and fire, rescue personnel made a gas detection search of the hallways.

After careful scrutiny it was determined that the gas leak call had to be ruled as a prank. If anyone has any information as to whom may have created this false alarm, please contact EPS at 634-4767.

During the day shifts on May 21 and 22, police arrested a 27-year-old man for breaching the conditions of a conditional sentence order. He was also charged with sexual interference and mischief in unrelated incidents in the city. He was remanded into custody after appearing in court on May 21, subject to his next court appearance.

Police also received calls of concern from some residents regarding some people who were soliciting money and/or assistance from them on the weekend.

EPS members did locate a number of people who were carrying out these activities but none had any criminal history and were either hitchhiking through the city or headed back to their respective homes. As a result of the investigation, police did not issue any charges but thanked the public for being observant and contacting them regarding the possible suspicious behaviour so that they could look into it.

On the nights of May 21 to 23, police arrested and charged a 37-year-old Edmonton man following a high speed pursuit that began in the city and ended near Hitchcock. He is facing charges of dangerous driving, fleeing from police, impaired driving and driving while over .08. He has a June court date.

A response to a domestic dispute in the central part of the city ended with one the parties involved leaving the residence for the evening.

A report of an assault involving a taxi driver and a customer was looked into by police who report that the investigation is ongoing and charges are pending against a 28-year-old man.

Police were next asked to look into a matter of one dog biting and injuring another dog within the city during the weekend.

A wilful damage complaint coming from the central part of the city was looked into by police. A garage window in the 1100 block of Valley Street had been broken on the night of May 22.

EPS members were also asked to help intervene on several mental health complaints and concerns on the weekend. Members attended the scenes in each instance to confirm the well being of all parties involved.

A complaint of damage being inflicted on a garage security light in the 800 block of Eva Street was looked into by police.

A van that swerved toward a group of pedestrians in the central business district during the weekend is also the subject of an investigation. Police report that the matter remains open and charges are pending.

EPS members also issued 20 summary offence tickets under the Alcohol and Gaming Regulations Act and the Traffic Safety Act during the long weekend.