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Estevan Leisure Centre offers many physical activity opportunities for seniors

Moderate activity can prevent or delay many of the health issues that seem to come with age. The Estevan Leisure Centre offers many various physical activity opportunities.
The Estevan Leisure Centre has a spin bar, a walking track, pool and fitness classes for the community to stay active.

ESTEVAN — Regular physical activity is one of the most important things one can do for health, especially at an older age.

Moderate activity can prevent or delay many of the health issues that seem to come with age. It also helps muscles grow stronger so people can keep up with daily activities without becoming dependent on others.

The Estevan Leisure Centre offers many various physical activity opportunities, which are adjustable for senior patrons and are available at different times seven days a week.

"Here at the leisure center, we do offer opportunities for seniors to come and enjoy our facility. We have many fitness classes, both aquatic or land, that can be adapted, and certainly options to keep everyone active," said Erin Wilson, leisure services manager for the City of Estevan.

"We love to see people using our walking track. And I know that is something all ages can use, but it is great to see the seniors out there walking."

There are many fitness classes offered at the leisure centre, both land and aquatic, Sunday through Friday, and the gym and the pool are also available from early morning through later at night seven days a week. All classes are modifiable, and Wilson noted that morning and day options are really popular with local seniors.

They run virtual aqua fitness classes Monday-Friday from 9-9:45 a.m. and there is also a time called adult independent swim (AIS), Monday-Friday from 10:15-11 a.m., when people can come do their own activities. Wilson explained, that "it is an opportunity to just come in and do water walking, stretch, or just have some quiet time in the hot tub or steam room."

Land classes include everything from spin classes to easy stretching, and a barre program to typical fitness classes.

"There's a lot of seniors that do join us. And it's great to see them. We want to keep them active, we love to be able to connect them, so they're able to have that emotional and social aspect of a well-balanced life," Wilson said.

Cycling and water activities are the most popular, along with the walking track, but the weight room and squash courts also see quite a bit of use. And everything offered at the leisure centre is covered under one pass.

"One of the best parts about coming to the leisure centre is you can get all of these different options and try out a ton of different activities, all for one price, which is definitely budget-friendly as well," Wilson said, adding that they also offer a special rate for seniors.

She noted that it is important for the city to keep offering a wide range of various physical activities for people of any age.

"We want to keep our community members healthy. We want to keep them happy. And we want to keep them involved in the community. That's what keeps us strong," Wilson said.

While it provides many opportunities for physical activity, the Estevan Leisure Centre is also a hub for many organizations. It houses the Estevan 60 and Over Club, the Estevan Public Library and the Estevan Arts Council, all of which have many opportunities for entertainment, development, learning and socializing for people of all ages.

"All [these organizations] have multiple programs that can be accessed for any age. But we definitely like when we get to see the seniors take advantage of those opportunities," Wilson said.

If anyone does have any questions, they can contact the leisure centre and they will be happy to help direct them in the right direction, Wilson added.