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Force Fitness Competition to return to Estevan this year

Competition will test strength, endurance and even the mind.
Force Fitness Competition Estevan 2019
The inaugural Force Fitness Competition was held at Fresh Air Fitness south of Estevan in 2019.

ESTEVAN - The strength and conditioning of local residents will be put to the test on July 23 during the second Force Fitness Competition at the Fresh Air Fitness outdoor exercise area in Woodlawn Regional Park. 

The activities will start at 8 a.m. and should be wrapped up at noon. Peggy Rohatyn, who operates Fresh Air Fitness alongside Debby Knight, said it will have a similar format as when the event was last held in 2019, but there will be some additions.

One event is the six-minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible). Women have to toss a 50-pound medicine ball over a 4 1/2-foot wall repeatedly in four minutes, and complete tire flips in two minutes.

Men have to toss a 70-pound medicine ball over a five-foot wall and complete the tire flips.

In another event, participants have to complete a 400-metre farmer carry, 50 synchro lunges, 100 synchro squats, 50 synchro burpees and a second 400-metre farmer carry.

One of the challenges will test competitors’ minds in addition to their strength.

People are encouraged to come and witness the event. 

“It’s amazing to see the determination on their faces and stuff like that. It’s a tough competition and you have to be dedicated to it,” said Rohatyn.

She noted that Natasha Tinant and Jennifer Olfert are tasked with devising most of the events.  

“They do the work, they plan the events and we just help them out,” said Rohatyn.  

Rohatyn said the first Force competition in Estevan was a lot of fun three years ago. It became a favourite event of hers due to all of the work participants did and the pride they had, and since it made great use of Fresh Air Fitness.

“Working with Natasha and Jennifer is super easy for us, because they just take control of what their jobs are and they get them done, so it’s nice. They have an idea, and they work pretty hard at this.”  

It also creates awareness of Fresh Air Fitness and the different amenities they have. 

“It’s beautiful down there, this year especially with so much moisture and stuff, everything’s so green and the paths are just amazing right now,” said Rohatyn.  

The event can handle up to 15 two-person teams, and they have room for a few more entries. Rohatyn said they want to be able to finish the competition in a reasonable amount of time. Prizes will be presented for the top three finishers in each of the men’s and women’s divisions. 

Mixed teams are accepted as well, but they would have to compete in the men’s group.

Registration forms are available at Henders’ Drugs, or they can be obtained by emailing or their Facebook page. It costs $100 per team, but participants will receive some prizes for their participation.  

Penta Completions will be operating the nearby concession during the event.



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