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Fun with art, a spa day and a snow hill at St. Michael School

Staff at St. Michael School provided a number of photos of activities at the school

WEYBURN – Students at St. Michael School have been busy both in and out of school, including having fun on the big snow hills created in the school yard after the city received a recent dump of snow.

Among the activities were art projects by Grade 4 students, a collaboration of four students in Grade 1 to portray the four seasons, and a “beauty salon” day for the Pre-Kindergarten class.

Teacher Dawn Purdue explained there is an educational goal for these young ones while providing fun activities.

“In Pre-K, we provide a variety of learning experiences for the three and four-year-olds in our program, based on their interests and activities that meet a variety of physical, social and emotion learnings.

“We decided to have a dramatic play area around a beauty salon because the students love it, and it helps develop their fine motor skills which will later support scissor and pencil grasping skills. It also provides an opportunity for our students to engage socially with their peers and the adults in the room. By providing sensory play such as water play with water beads we are developing nerve connections in the brain pathways which will support cognitive growth.”

She also noted that registration for the St. Michael Pre-K program is open for fall 2022. PreK is for children aged three and four.