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Games simulators offer much more than just golf at Weyburn’s CU Spark Centre

There 15 kinds of games available on state-of-the-art simulators

WEYBURN – One of the lesser-known features of the Credit Union Spark Centre are the games simulators, and leisure services manager Ryan Dale is hoping more people will take a look to find out the wide array of games that are available.

The simulators are in a suite of four rooms or cubicles on the second floor, located next to the mini-gym, and many who have visited so far have exclaimed surprise at the variety of games.

In other words, said Dale, there are lot more kinds of games than just golf, noting he’s heard a number of people say, “I had no idea these were available here.”

The sporting games available on the simulators include hockey, home-run derby, lacrosse, QB challenge (football), rugby, golf, soccer, zombie dodgeball, baseball pitching, basketball, bocce, carnival games, cricket and field goal kicking.

There are also hunting games, but these are recommended only for those 18 and older.

The simulators are available to rent by the hour, and for those interested in larger gatherings, such as for a birthday or a business party, or Christmas parties, the entire room with all four simulators can be rented.

Up to six people can use one of the simulator rooms, and the fee is $40 for the hour in the evening or $30 during the day or if the person renting it has a Spark Centre membership, explained Dale.

During the holidays, the centre will have one-hour vouchers to use the simulators, available as gifts or stocking stuffers. People can drop by to use the vouchers, but they would be advised to call ahead to make sure the simulators aren’t already booked.

To rent the entire room, which has space for tables for food and drink as well as the four simulators, is $140 an hour, added Dale. There are inputs for music and three TV screens in addition to the simulators, but these are available for whole-room use as the centre likes to keep the facility family-friendly.

For those who do want to play a golf simulation, the centre does not provide the clubs, but do have the tees and golfballs.

For the other sports, the equipment is provided, such as the various balls used or hockey sticks, noted Dale.

“It’s been good for parties, and we have returning users, so that’s been good,” said Dale. “This is the top simulator you can get on the market right now, and we’ve got four of them.”