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Highway 47 gets a facelift near Stoughton

The stretch of road is from the junction of Highway 13 to the railroad tracks.
Tractors, dump trucks and packers were a surprise last week in Stoughton.

STOUGHTON - Highway 47 north of Highway 13, leading into Stoughton, received a small face lift on Sept. 11, and it was a welcome surprise to some people.

The short piece of highway to the railway tracks was ripped up, built up and then paved once again with a fresh layer or two of asphalt.

The construction did not take the workers long, but it did cause delays, as Highway 33 from Stoughton to Fillmore has also been under construction.

The Highway 33 project, which will cost $24 million and cover 38 kilometres, is very close to the small town and people are getting excited to have the project completed, especially those that work in Stoughton and are entering the town from the northwest.

Delays on the highway have been up to 30 minutes, but according to one flag person, most people are patiently waiting for the pilot truck to arrive to take them on their way.

Yet there are others that still try to pass in the no-passing areas or do not use their signal lights when they need to turn.