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Leisure Services user rates to see slight increase in Weyburn

Andrew Crowe, director of Leisure Services for Weyburn, explained that the Leisure Services Department completes a thorough user fee and rate review every three years to ensure that community access to leisure services are offered in an affordable and sustainable manner.
Spark Centre exterior
Credit Union Spark Centre is one of the Leisure Facilities in Weyburn.

WEYBURN - User rates for Leisure Services will slightly increase for 2022 to 2025, taking effect on September 1, after an extensive review involving City of Weyburn staff, and the Parks and Leisure Services Commission members.

Andrew Crowe, director of Leisure Services for Weyburn, explained that the Leisure Services Department completes a thorough user fee and rate review every three years to ensure that community access to leisure services are offered in an affordable and sustainable manner.

Following an intensive process and multiple reviews, rates for the 2022 to 2025 operating seasons were developed. The new proposed rates factored in operational cost estimates, cost recovery analysis, comparative cost analysis and community expectations.

One of the main reasons why there will be a slight increase is due to the Government of Saskatchewan Tax Act, which will come into effect October 1, and where an additional six per cent must be included in the rate adjustments for the PST.

The recently passed Tax Act will mean that PST must be applied to the total charge for taxable admissions, entertainment and recreation in relation to a place or facility or a seminar, activity, or event in Saskatchewan. PST must be collected on admission fees, participation fees, activity fees, membership fees, administration, and service fees. To reflect the changes, all proposed Leisure Service Fees include now include both GST and PST where applicable.

“Throughout the development of the proposed rate structure several factors were taken into consideration to ensure that Leisure Services operations remains both accessible and sustainable while following the City of Weyburn Leisure Services 50 per cent cost recovery mandate,” explained Crowe.

“In general, there are proposed increases for all pay-to-use services being offered by the Leisure Services Department. These increases were held to be as minimal as possible and it is important to note that in comparison to other cities within Saskatchewan, the City of Weyburn remains one of the most affordable locations to access leisure facilities.”

“The proposed user fee increases are unfortunately required to operate City-owned leisure facilities to address the constant increase to inflation, energy, and supply costs,” said Crowe.

“The Leisure Services Department is constantly seeking funding opportunities and is dedicated to finding operational efficiencies to limit deficits and keep user access affordable.”

In effort to provide equal opportunity to all users, drop-in rates, membership fees and hourly rental costs for regular user groups have been held as consistent as possible throughout all City of Weyburn operated facilities.

Recently, Leisure Services introduced the new Daily Super Pass, which will provide individuals or families the ability to purchase a one-day pass to participate in as many leisure opportunities as they desire between the different city facilities.

The Leisure Services Department continues to seek funding opportunities and work with local organizations to implement inclusive and welcoming programs and events to the entire community.

“We recognize and aim to eliminate barriers holding people back from participating in healthy sport culture and recreation services wherever possible,” added Crowe.

Traffic signal at Government and First Avenue to be replaced

The traffic signal fixtures at the intersection of Government Road and First Avenue North require replacement due to the aging infrastructure. SaskPower currently owns the underground power supply from the traffic controller to the streetlights, which requires replacement due to its current condition.

The City of Weyburn plans to replace the underground power supply and install the conduit. The budget for this traffic light replacement project is $120,000 and includes the purchase, delivery and installation of all new infrastructure associated with the traffic signals.

The city has purchased a new traffic controller and new traffic signal and street light infrastructure but requires a contractor for the installation portion of the project. This includes installation of the new traffic signal infrastructure including the traffic controller, replacement of the corresponding underground power supply and new foundations for the poles.

A request for proposal was posted on SaskTenders and the City’s website on April 11. Two proposals were received, from All-Brite Electric Co., who bid $199,356, and Industrial Electric and Instrumentation, who bid $76,796.75.

Proposals submitted were reviewed to ensure bidders understood the scope of work involved, had similar project experience, the required qualifications and to ensure the project delivery schedule could be met. Both of the proposals met the full requirements, with Industrial Electric holding the lowest bid of $76,796.75.

City council awarded the bid to Industrial Electric. It was noted by the Engineering Department that Industrial Electric has a lot of experience with the light fixtures in Weyburn, as they are a local company.

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