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Mechanical bull takes on 15 riders for fundraiser in Redvers

A mechanical bull provided entertainment during a fundraiser for health care in Redvers.
Doug Bennett gave the mechanical bull a ride for its money by staying on for 35 seconds, which was the longest ride.

REDVERS - The new hospital in Redvers officially opened on Sept. 25, 1998.

A year later, the Redvers Health Foundation committee was formed and still is going strong.

Over the years, the committee has held many fundraisers, and this year was no different.

Chairwoman Raechelle Chicoine has organized this event for eight years and this is the one event they hold yearly. It is always held the third Saturday in October.

They begin to organize the fundraiser in the spring, coming up with a theme and booking their entertainment.

Over the years, they have held a Flappers and Gangsters-themed casino night, in which a company brought in casino games.

They have also had a flashback to the '80s theme night with dueling pianos, and a masquerade ball.

Chicoine said they wanted to change things up this year and do something different, so they turned to a mechanical bull challenge.

They needed at least 10 people to be entered to ride the beast, and they had 15 people. The participants would have their name listed for a silent auction.

Event goers could bid on each or all of the riders for who they thought would stay on the metal bull the longest.

The highest bidder paid for their bid, which went into a pot, and 15 per cent would go to the person who held on the longest.

At the end of the bidding, each contestant took their turn on the bull.

Preston Kopeck received the highest bid, but he wouldn't have the longest ride.

Doug Bennett took the bull by the horns and stayed on for 35 seconds to be the winner.

Bennett received a percentage of the silent auction which amounted to $1100. He graciously donated it back to the foundation.

A total of 425 people attended the event, which was catered by Weir’s.

Following the excitement of the bull rides, Saskatchewan’s country singer Tyler Lewis took to the stage to entertain the crowd.

According to Chicoine, everyone enjoyed the music and the dance floor had a regular flow of people.

Chicoine feels that this has been the best event so far, as it was unique and entertaining.

Monies raised from the event are used for maintenance at the hospital or upgrades.

The committee consists of Redvers-area residents, but at present only has six members and they would like to see this number increase.

“It was a great success,” said Chicoine. “Everyone had a great time.”