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Carlyle RCMP detachment commander excited to be part of communit

Shortland graduated from the RCMP training depot in 2004, and has been posted to several Saskatchewan communities.
Michael Shortland Carlyle RCMP
Michael Shortland is the new RCMP Staff Sergeant at the Carlyle Detachment.

CARLYLE - The Carlyle detachment of the RCMP is pleased to welcome Michael Shortland to the community.

He and his family have recently moved from Regina and Shortland has been promoted to staff sergeant.

Shortland graduated from the RCMP training depot in 2004. His first posting was as a constable at the Melville detachment. He became a corporal after being transferred to Broadview and was later promoted to sergeant detachment commander in Assiniboia.

Five years ago, he transferred to Regina to their conduct management services department as part of an internal investigations team.

The Shortlands have two sons, a five-year-old who has started kindergarten and a three-year-old.

Raising a young family has kept the Shortland’s extremely busy, although Michael Shortland does enjoy slo pitch, baseball, and the odd game of golf. He is the proud owner of four beautiful 1970 Ford automobiles which are in immaculate condition and are collector’s items.

 The Shortland’s are really looking forward to their move to Carlyle.

“We are very happy to have had the opportunity to come to Carlyle and have found the community and our new neighbours to be very welcoming,” he said. “Carlyle has all the services of a city, and we are extremely excited to be working in such a progressive town. I have already had the chance to meet with many of the elected officials of the surrounding towns and villages as well as the chief and councils of our neighbouring First Nation communities. 

“Everyone has been extremely friendly, and I look forward to establishing strong relationships with each community within the Carlyle RCMP jurisdiction.”