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New EMO coordinator introduced to Assiniboia Town Council

There was an introduction of Assiniboia newly appointed EMO coordinator for the town of Assiniboia, Terry Lasalle
Town Council for Assiniboia

ASSINIBOIA - An Assiniboia Town Council meeting was held on November 8. Attending the meeting were: Mayor Sharon Schauenberg; Councilors Paul Tendler, Peter Kordus, Graham Harvey, Pat Grondin, Kent Fettes and Robert Ellert.

The agenda accepted and adopted by Ellert /Fettes. Public Acknowlegements given to Assiniboia Times for coverage of the meeting and one guests from general public.

Minutes of last Regular Council meeting accepted and adopted. Motioned by Fettes/Kordus.

Minutes of Museum minutes accepted and adopted. Motioned by Kordus/ Grondin

The Town of Assiniboia advertised the Public Notice for proposed Bylaw 05/21 in the Assiniboia Times on October 29 and November 3 in accordance with the Town’s Public Notice Bylaw. This would allow anyone who would like to speak to the proposed bylaw an opportunity to attend this Public Hearing, to speak to the amendment.

The office did not receive any verbal comments or any correspondence in writing in regards to this amendment. Also there was one member of the public in attendance at the Public Hearing.

Delegations: There was an introduction of Assiniboia newly appointed EMO coordinator for the town of Assiniboia, Terry Lasalle.  Terry addressed council with the needs of reestablishing the EMO measures. He welcomes any questions or feedback.

Correspondence: accepted and adopted. Motioned by Fettes/Grondin

Prairie Villa: notice of annual general meeting. A council rep will attend.

SAMA letter reported that the audit went very well.

Jeremy Pazer MP sent a letter on October 1.

Kordus-Fettes reported that the Town of Assiniboia accepts the following reports/ consent:

Agenda as presented;

CAO Report

List of Paid Accounts


Council presentations-

Ellert: Rink construction is going very well.

Rubber plant is looking very good and cleaned up very nicely.

Grondin: Attended the  Prince of Wales meeting.  Council reps have stepped in to help with management of POW while their manager is away.  Has approached council for help there when needed.

Harvey: Zoom meeting with Palliser Regional Library.  Levi here is two and a half times higher than any other region. Palliser is wanting a reno done on the library but it is felt it is not needed at this time.

POW is needing help.

Councilors need to read auditors report thoroughly.

Schauenberg: attended an RCMP meeting.

Fun Fest at Apostolic Church on October 30.

Attended a free concert for Arts Council, approx. 70 in attendance.

Attended the Remembrance Day Program held on November 11.

Attended the Lights of Love lighting ceremony held on November 17.

Request for decisions:

Zoning Bylaw Amendment second and third reading: second Kordus and third Kordus.

Procedure bylaw- Council meeting dates, times and discussion was held. Meetings will move to Tuesdays starting December 7 at at 7:30 p.m.

Out of Budget expense- New computers, servers and softwear for the Town Office. Motion was accepted by Tendler/Harvey.

Credit Card Authorizations- managers request for higher limits on cards for town business. Motion accepted by Ellert/Fettes.

Audit engagement-  will use Grant Thornton for 2022 audit. Accepted by Fettes/ Kordus.

RFD  –  RFD – Request to Combine Rolls. Accepted by Ellert-Fettes

This motion read: 258/11/21  that Council of the Town of Assiniboia provides consent to combine to property owners of Lots 29,30 & 31,32 Block 2 Plan N4600, currently on the tax roll as 91 & 92, depending on their choice, either by consolidation via subdivision or legally tie the lots/parcels together, commencing in 2022 for assessment purposes and further that the owner’s will provide to  town office administration the land titles documentation evidencing the completed  combination.

 EMO Coordinator appointment was accepted by Fettes/Harvey

Next Town Council meeting is scheduled for Monday November 22.