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New librarian hopes to continue programs, services

A new librarian has taken the helm of the Weyburn Public Library with the goal of maintaining and improving the programs and services offered at the facility.
New librarian

A new librarian has taken the helm of the Weyburn Public Library with the goal of maintaining and improving the programs and services offered at the facility.
Colin Evans became the branch manager of the Weyburn library at the start of February, and has been spending time getting to know the community as well as the services that are currently offered by the library.
Born and raised in Edmonton, he and his family moved to St. Catharine’s and then London, Ont., and he graduated from high school while in London before moving on to Western University there, taking a history degree with a minor in political science.
As a high school student, he began working in the London Public Library as a volunteer and as a computer coach, helping people learn about using a computer.
“That’s when I started to be interested in working in a library,” said Evans. “I quickly understood that a library was more than just books. I was amazed at the variety of program ideas that I could find at the library.”
He also felt that working in a library was doing something good for the community, and he felt some personal fulfillment in helping make the library a better place for people to enjoy.
Taking this love of libraries, he went on to get his master’s degree in library information science, and first went to work in Newfoundland in the library for the College of the North Atlantic. He maintained the library for the college students, and then moved to North Battleford to work for the Lakeland Regional Library system, taking care of the rural library branches in the area.
While working there, Evans saw the position available in Weyburn and applied for it, and he has found the position rewarding so far.
“I find the city is very welcoming and a positive place to be,” he said, noting Weyburn is smaller but is a much safer community to be in.
Of the Weyburn library branch, he said, “It’s a very unique building that fosters community involvement and lifelong learning. I feel like the space here offers unlimited possibilities. It’s bright, cheerful and open.”
He added he is very impressed with the hard work and dedication of the staff, and is grateful to Kate-Lee Nolin of the Southeast Regional Library for her help and support as he’s settled into his new position.
“I’m hoping to get in touch with local groups to see what needs they have,” said Evans, pointing out the many groups that use the library, along with the strong lineup of programs available to the community.
He appreciates the connection the library has with the community as evidenced by the response to restoring their video game collection after a break-in occurred a few months ago.
The library has been able to mostly restore the collection with monetary help from groups and businesses including the YF Wives, Weyburn Credit Union, Prairie Sky Co-op and Fairly Handy Guys, along with anonymous donations, and from a collection taken recently by the Toastmasters group at an open house they held.
Evans said he has plans to organize an event for the community to thank them for their support in rebuilding the collection, and it will be held some time in the spring.