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New Weyburn Hospital site, round-about highlights for Mayor Roy

The opening of Weyburn's CU Spark Centre was a also big highlight for Mayor Marcel Roy

WEYBURN – Mayor Marcel Roy is excited for coming developments in the City of Weyburn, including the new hospital and a round-about traffic circle, which were both announced by the province this past year.

In a year-end interview, the mayor also made note of the city’s new elementary school, Legacy Park, and the new recreation-culture centre, the Credit Union Spark Centre, as major highlights of 2021.

“There was the announcement last year for the new hospital, but we’re seeing some things moving forward. They’re processing the land and getting things ready, it’s moving forward. Over by Saskatchewan Drive, they’re doing that trenching to make sure we have proper drainage,” said Mayor Roy.

He added some people are not happy about the location, set on Fifth Avenue North, “but that was all the Saskatchewan government.”

The mayor also noted the government announcement for a round-about at the intersection of Highways 13 and 39, and “that will be in the development stage for 2022.”

With other large capital projects announced in the province, Mayor Roy feels Weyburn and area will see spinoff benefits even though the developments won’t be happening right here. He pointed to the construction for the proposed canola crush plants as an example, plus a large new hog barn slated for the Carlyle area, both which can mean jobs for local residents.

There have been some issues rise up for the City, said Mayor Roy, such as the proposed location for the Liquor Spot in a building on First Avenue next door to two churches and a residential neighbourhood. “That will be worked out,” he noted.

“We didn’t see massive gains with businesses, but we didn’t lose as badly as some places did,” said Mayor Roy. “We’ve got through all this COVID stuff and are starting to move forward. I’m looking forward to 2022.”

The mayor noted he’s been in seminars where the concept of small nuclear plants has been explained, and pointed out, “Oil is here to stay for another 10-20 years. Where are we going to get all the copper from and the power from (for electric cars)? When you see the number of trucks on the road … We’re just trying to power all that up, never mind the cars.”

The mayor noted that crop prices are doing well, but unfortunately cattle prices are not doing as well at this time.

Asked about the coming budget for 2022, Mayor Roy said it will come forward at the next council meeting on Jan. 10, and pointed out there are some positive changes coming for the city this year.

The City’s new pothole machine, which was approved by council last year, will be ready to go by spring, and should make a big difference in the care of the city’s streets.

Another change will be in how the City is upgrading their data collection on the sewage system, which will enable the City to be pro-active rather than reactive in the care of the City’s infrastructure.

“This is key with administration and the engineering department, to take a very proactive approach,” said Mayor Roy.

The mayor said they will also continue to work towards getting a new supply of water for the City, and pointed out this has been an issue they have been working on for the last 20 years.

“We’re going to make it out of this year and be able to handle everything that 2022 is going to throw at us,” said Mayor Roy.