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‘One day I just felt like running’ - Carlyle man enters 24-hour running event

Jason Tomaszewski has come a long way since he started jogging in 2021.
Jason Tomaszewski Carlyle jogger
Carlyle resident Jason Tomaszewski is an ultra-marathon long distance athlete.

CARLYLE - Quiet and unassuming, 47-year-old Jason Tomaszewski has participated in many high-energy sports during his lifetime.  

He has been a bodybuilder for many years and in 2012 placed fourth in the Saskatchewan Bodybuilding Championships.  

In the spring of 2021, under the tutelage and prodding of good friend Jon Hammett, Tomaszewski decided to take up running. First, it was five kilometres a day, then 10 and then 20. This continued throughout the fall and winter as he steadily increased his distance and stamina. 

On May 14, again on the advice of his friend, Tomaszewski entered the Canada Goose Ultra Marathon held in Regina. One could go for six, 12 or 24 hours, depending on each contestant’s goals. Sixty-one athletes registered and the event was run on a certified four-kilometre loop around Wascana Lake. 

Tomaszewski was among the 18 participants that chose the 24-hour event to see how far he could go. After an exhausting 20 hours and 52 minutes, he ran an incredible 101 kilometres.  

“My coveted goal was 100 kilometres, and I was able to do an additional dedication kilometre in honour of my late mother-in-law, Carole Reeve,” said Tomaszewski. “The race was gruelling, but the result was extremely satisfying. I drank gallons of Powerade and consumed high-energy gel, fruit and pizza after every loop. I didn’t develop a blister on my foot until the final hour and was able to limp home achieving my personal goal.” 

In addition to long distance running, Tomaszewski enjoys hiking, camping, and canoeing. He loves living close to Kenosee Lake and Moose Mountain Provincial Park. Together with Hammett, Tomaszewski is now into cycling and has purchased a mountain bike.  

He has entered a Swamp Donkey adventure race, which is scheduled for September near Falcon Lake, Man. Entrants must run, navigate, bike and canoe to reach various checkpoints before the nine-hour cutoff and make it to the finish line.  

It is obvious to everyone that Tomaszewski enjoys his way of life and his achievement of many personal goals.  

“I’ve accomplished a lot in my life and like pushing myself to the limit. There is no doubt that with that hard work and dedication, anybody can do anything.” 

Born and raised in Alberta, Tomaszewski moved to Ontario in 1989. He moved to Carlyle in 1999 and lives on Fifth Street East. He is self-employed as a directional driller, primarily working for Lone Star Directional. Kristina is his 32-year-old daughter who lives in Ontario. He is married to Kathy, who is an administration officer at Artisan Consulting.  

They have two children. Sawyer, 14, enjoys karate and hockey, while Carter, 5, likes baseball and soccer.