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Pedestrian transported to hospital after accident in Estevan

The individual was transported to hospital by EMS for an assessment.
Estevan Police Service vehicle door

ESTEVAN — On March 25, the Estevan Police Service members were called to the Pleasantdale area to a report of an accident, which involved a pedestrian and a vehicle. It was also reported that the offending vehicle has left the scene.

On arrival, police determined the vehicle did not hit the pedestrian at all, rather the pedestrian had fallen on the street as the vehicle was passing by. The individual that had fallen was transported to hospital by EMS for an assessment.

No further details were immediately available.

On March 24, the EPS received a report of criminal harassment and threats. The matter is still under investigation.

Police are also looking into a report of an individual breaching their release conditions by contacting the victim. The matter also remains under investigation.