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Photos: T&T Rods hosts a cruise for classic vehicles

A lengthy parade of classic vehicles could be seen heading down local highways and other roads on Saturday afternoon as part of a cruise day hosted by T&T Rods.

A lengthy parade of classic vehicles could be seen heading down local highways and other roads on Saturday afternoon as part of a cruise day hosted by T&T Rods.

The event was held as a replacement for the show and shine that T&T Rods offers most years.

Tim Gervais with T&T Rods said they had “an exceptional turnout,” as nearly 85 classic vehicles and about a dozen motorbikes left the yard north of Estevan at 2 p.m. People came from as far away as Prince Albert, Swift Current and Assiniboia.

“During the cruise we even had a few guys join up,” said Gervais.

Participants drove to Midale, then took a road south to Torquay, and finally they took Highway 18 to the Hidden Valley Golf and RV Resort.

“There was quite a few people watching from the side of the roads. There was probably four or five different groups of people throughout the caravan that we saw parked on approaches and waving at us and taking videos,” said Gervais.

It took about an hour and 45 minutes to cruise from T&T Rods property to Hidden Valley. Occasionally they would have to stop and wait for everyone to catch up, because they were getting spread out on the highway due to traffic.

A video that Gervais took of all the vehicles passing by lasted about five minutes, and he believes the parade of vehicles was nearly two kilometres in length.  

Once they arrived at Hidden Valley, they cruised through the campground, and then they parked their vehicles. Everybody was able to visit and hang out for about an hour, while still maintaining social distancing.

Some people who weren’t on the cruise or at the campground stopped by Hidden Valley to take a look at all of the vehicles on display. Hidden Valley was a great spot for them, Gervais said.

Some of the participants then went to the Black Grasshopper Pub and Eatery for supper.

The show and shine at the T&T Rods site north of Estevan, which started in the early 2000s, has attracted as many as 145 participants. In other years, they have had 75-100. It would be dependent on the weather, and if people had other commitments.

“We had tonnes of compliments (this year), and everyone was just excited to get out and do it. It was so simple. There was nothing for us to do. We just lined up and followed each other to the end destination.”

This year’s cruise featured everything from a 1927 Ford Model T to a modern four-door pickup truck.  

“There was quite a few from the 1950s and the 1960s,” said Gervais.

Prizes were not handed out for the top entries.

Last year’s show and shine was cancelled due to restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, and Gervais said it was important to have something this year, even if it was different from what they traditionally offered.

“It felt good to get everyone back together again, and to do it,” said Gervais.

It’s unlikely they will have a show and shine later this summer. Gervais would like to have one, but he doesn’t want to cause a scheduling conflict with the organizers of similar events elsewhere in the province.

“Once these restrictions get lifted, the people that have car shows booked, we have a little rule that you pick your weekend and stick with it. Within a two or three-hour radius, we don’t want to interfere with anyone else’s event.”

They might have another cruise in the fall.