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Police Week: An interview with Cpl. Ryan Cherniawsky

Cpl. Ryan Cherniawsky with the Weyburn Police Services considers policing as a dynamic and challenging career.
Ryan Cherniawsky1
Cpl. Ryan Cherniawsky with the Weyburn Police Services.

WEYBURN - In celebration of National Police Week, the Weyburn Review/ Weyburn This Week interviewed Cpl. Ryan Cherniawsky, with the Weyburn Police Services. National Police Week will be observed across Canada from May 15 to 21. This special week to recognize the efforts of law enforcement officers began in 1970 as a way for the police to connect with their communities and to increase awareness about the services they provide.

How long have you served with the WPS?

I have been in law enforcement for a total of 11 years. Two as a Deputy Sheriff with the Ministry of Justice and total of nine and continuing years with WPS. Five of my years with WPS were as a Detective in the Investigation and Drug Enforcement Unit where I focused mostly on drug trafficking and major crimes.

What do you view as the most important day-to-day responsibilities of police members?
Ultimately the most important responsibility is protecting life. The preparation for this occurs for us every single day we put on our uniform and equipment. No day is ever the same and there is very seldom any forewarning to any dangerous or horrific calls we must run to. Being prepared to run to the stabbing in progress, overdose, vehicle collision with injuries, or the gun call is paramount. On the worst day of people’s lives when they have nowhere else to call, they call us and we show up ready.

What is your favourite kind of community interaction (school visits/ police tours/ job fairs)?
I have always enjoyed walking the beat down town and stopping to talk with different business owners, staff and people out and about. We don’t often have enough staff working to do that but it’s something I enjoy. Usually during these times people are smiling and happy to see you and want to come chat and interact. Generally, no one is yelling at you, no one is trying to fight you, it is really enjoyable to get outside and catch up with people and help out if you can. It’s something I hope to do more often.

Why did you choose a career with the police?
To help people and make difference. It certainly sounds cliché but honestly that’s why I did it. Policing is a dynamic and challenging career.
I was a Wild Land Fire Fighter based out of Stony Rapids for a few years before getting into law enforcement. It was a dynamic and challenging career when there were fires, but when there wasn’t there was too much sitting around. I wanted a job where I could help people as well as stay active and get a good mix of being indoors and out.  

What safety/ law tip would you like to remind the citizens of Weyburn?
If you see people dealing drugs, tell us. You can notify us anonymously directly or through crime stoppers. A lot of people are concerned about the drug problem in our city, its really easy to help by reporting it. Tips through crime stoppers or anonymous callers help IMMENSELY. An anonymous tip has in the past lead to many search warrants which have removed drugs, weapons and drug traffickers from our streets. We are working hard to impact the drug problem in our city, your help can have an enormous effect.