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Potential gas leak was reported in southwest Estevan

Estevan fire crews responded to a residential fire alarm and a potential gas leak at the end of last week.
Estevan Fire Rescue building
Fire crews called to residential fire alarm and a potential gas leak.

ESTEVAN - Fire crews responded to a residential fire alarm and a potential gas leak at the end of last week.

A call for service for the fire department came in Friday at about 9 p.m. A fire alarm was going off in a residence in the south-central area of the city. When crews arrived on the scene, it was found that the homeowner had been cooking popcorn and it got away on them. The crews stepped down and returned to the station as there was no emergency occurring and not enough smoke was remaining in the building to work any ventilation.

The next call saw fire crews attending a scene on Saturday evening. They were called to a report of a possible gas leak that was occurring in a residence in the southwest area.

Occupants and their pets safely evacuated the building upon firefighters' arrival and were not injured.

"The crews did enter the home as there was an odd smell that was detected by nose from the exterior of the home. SaskEnergy was called in as well to assist in investigating the smell," said Estevan Fire Chief Dale Feser. "It probably was about an hour that we spent at this particular location, and we found that there was no carbon monoxide or natural gas leaks occurring, but there were still somewhat of an odd smell."

Specialists took furnace and air conditioner units apart on the exterior of the house, but still couldn't find the cause of the smell.

"We extended our search to a neighbouring property next door where it was stronger. However, there was no cause of alarm and of any concern found at that location either. So the scene was deemed safe. There were no indicators of anything threatening to life and safety of the occupants there," Feser said.

The scene then was turned back over to the homeowners with a reminder that if they encounter the smell again to quickly call 911 and get the crews out to see if they can pinpoint what exactly has gone on.