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RCMP area update

The Carlyle RCMP detachment handled 57 calls from Oct. 24 to 31. Oct. 24 There was a complaint of a possible impaired driver in Arcola. Members made patrolled the area but were unable to find the truck.

The Carlyle RCMP detachment handled 57 calls from Oct. 24 to 31.

Oct. 24

There was a complaint of a possible impaired driver in Arcola. Members made patrolled the area but were unable to find the truck.

Members assisted in resolving a family dispute in Carlyle.

Police received a request to "keep the peace" at a residence in the area while a woman attended to her former residence to collect her belongings.

Members received a call about a break-and-enter in progress to a cabin at White Bear Lake Resort. Police attended to the area and located three males. Two were arrested and one got away, however, the male was known to police. Two 18-year-olds and one 17-year-old has subsequently charged with breaking-and-entering. RCMP said this group had broken into five cabins. The stolen items were recovered in the vehicle in which the three individuals were located by police.

Police arrested and charged a 23-year-old male in the area with assault.

Members attended to a pedestrian hit-and-run in the area. The female pedestrian had suffered injuries to her leg and was transported by ambulance to the hospital. The 24-year-old male driver was located and arrested.

Police responded to a call in the area where a car was on engulfed in flames. The registered owner was contacted and informed the car was on fire. The owner was not aware the vehicle had been stolen.

The detachment received a call from a concerned citizen the area informing there were people trying to break windows. Police attended and took statements. The investigation is continuing.

Members attended to a false alarm at a residence in Carlyle.

Oct. 25

Police conducted a motorcycle inspection.

Police received a complaint of a break-and-enter to a cabin at White Bear Lake Resort.

There was a semi rollover 20 miles north of Forget. The truck was carrying emulsion - an oil and water mix - but nothing was leaking. Members from the Kipling detachment attended. Poor road conditions due to weather are being blamed for the accident. There were no injuries.

A female reported that her purse had been stolen. Since it contained her identification, she informed police as she feared it might be used.

The detachment received a request to locate an individual who was delivering a loader to and Enbridge oil site, and was then to be in Regina for 2 p.m. The individual was not answering the phone. Members attended to the oil field site and located the loader. The caller spoke with police later and said the individual had been located and was okay.

Police received a complaint of a harassing phone calls being made to an individual in Carlyle. A trace was put on the calls and it was determined they came from a computer. It is unknown where the computer was located.

There was a 911 call regarding an possible domestic assault. The file was not updated at press time.

Police were informed there was a break-and-enter to a cabin at White Bear Lake Resort. The caller was unsure if anything had been taken but reported windows had been broken.

Police received a complaint of a suspicious vehicle in the area. Members called back to the complainant, who advised the vehicle had left.

Oct. 26

Police received a report of a vehicle which slid into the ditch, as a result of bad road conditions, along highway 9 between the Red Barn Market and Kenosee Lake. There were no injuries.

Members attended to a false alarm at a business in Carlyle.

A complainant attended to the detachment to report a hit-and-run in Redvers. The complainant had parked his vehicle in Redvers and later saw it had been damaged.

There was a complaint regarding a dark blue truck driving around Wawota in an erratic manner. Police patrolled the area but could not locate the vehicle.

Police received information that a semi parked in a back alley in Carlyle had expired license plates. Police continue to investigate.

Oct. 27

Members spoke to two employees at a business in Wawota in relation to an alarm one of the employees had set off when trying to open doors which were frozen shut.

Police issued a seat belt ticket to a 57-year-old male in Carlyle.

The Carlyle detachment received notification of five liquor permits in the area.

Police were advised of a single vehicle rollover near Carlyle. There were no injuries.

Oct. 28

Police responded to a disturbance at the hotel in Redvers. The person causing problems has left by the time members arrived. Members located the individual at his home with some injuries. He was taken to Redvers Health Centre for stitches and then taken back home. He was advised to stay away from the hotel.

Police were advised of semi-rollover near Kisbey. The semi was carrying oil. There were no leaks. There were no injuries. Police will not lay any charges.

Members received a call regarding a motor vehicle collision in the area. The complainant advised police a vehicle cut him off, and then he slammed into him. His vehicle was not drivable as the air bags were deployed.

Police were called to the hotel in Redvers to assist with an unruly patron. Members attended and arrested a 55-year-old male who was severely intoxicated. He was lodged at the detachment in Carlyle overnight until sober.

A small child was attacked by two dogs in the area. The skin was not penetrated, but there were clear marks and bruises on the child's forehead. Police attended. No one was sure who owned the dogs.

Oct. 29

Police received a report of a theft of running shoes from Carlyle Elementary School. Members continue to investigate.

A complainant received a text from an individual advising she didn't have a place to stay. Members attended and found the individual extremely intoxicated and lodged her in cells for the evening.

Members received a 911 call reporting a pedestrian - a 92-year-old female - had been hit by a vehicle outside the post office in Carlyle. Police spoke with the and witnesses. The female was transported to hospital for observation. The driver was charged with backing up when it was not safe.

Police received a 911 call from a complainant who was home alone and looking for a friend. According to the dispatcher, the caller was elderly and confused.

Members responded to a 911 call from Redvers. The caller had hung up and police were unable to get an answer upon call back. When members attended, they walked in on, what appeared to be, a domestic dispute. Police continue to investigate.

Police assisted Saskatchewan Public Prosecutions by locating an individual and serving a subpena to attend to court in Regina.

Members responded to a 911 call of a domestic dispute from Kisbey.

Oct. 30

There was a 911 hang up call. When the operator called back, yelling could be heard. Members attended to the residence in the area and located a number of people who were intoxicated, but civil. Police left the residence.

There was a 911 call regarding a diesel truck on fire south of Carlyle. Carlyle Fire Department and EMS attended as well.