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Redvers High School's '60s grad classes celebrate

Graduates from several years in the 1960s came together to celebrate.

REDVERS - The weekend of May 26-28 proved to be one filled with laughter, friends and memories as the 60th anniversary reunion of the Redvers High School class was celebrated.

Connie Asmundson from the 1963 class was behind the organization of this reunion, which was held at Dellan and Donna Mohrbutter’s farm west of Redvers.

The Mohrbutters were more than happy to hold this special occasion at their place. They had a place for everyone and even a campground to house those if they wanted to bring a camper.

It was decided that a few classes would be put together for the event, and they had high school graduates from 1960-1966.

It all began May 26 evening with guests going out to the farm to enjoy a wiener roast. The weather did not co-operate, so the hotdogs were boiled and a visit to the Key M’s shop made do instead.

They reminisced about the Big Red School, which is no longer standing in Redvers, but the memories remain. They reflected how they held the banquet in the church and the dance at the theatre.

According to Marge Garnier, sometimes three grades would be in one class.

In the afternoon of May 27, the group went for a cruise to Redvers, having lunch at the Broadway Bakery and touring the new condos in town. They visited Bill Murray at the store and Raymond Lamotte’s vintage and model collection.

The evening brought over 40 people for the catered meal at Mohrbutters shop.

Ever the joker, Mohrbutter told the crowd that if they did not sign the poster for the reunion, supper would be delayed for them.

Rising Phoenix, owned by Amanda Kish, catered the meal with all the fixings.

“The meal was delicious, and no one left hungry,” Mohrbutter said,

Tony Peter, an author from Outlook, displayed his nine novels and gave everyone the opportunity to check them out and even purchase them if they wanted.

Phill Wilk came with his guitar and pumped out some tunes from the 1950s and ‘60s.

A few couples even took a spin on the dance floor while others got caught up with the latest happenings over the years.

People came from far and wide to join in on this occasion, with Donna Brown coming from Langley, B.C.

The celebrating did not end Saturday night. The following day the remaining crew went to the Kenosee Golf Course for lunch.

It was here they said their good-byes. They shared hugs and shed tears, in the hopes to see everyone once again in the future.