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Reimagining the Poplar River reservoir... an RM of Hart Butte and Town of Coronach Initiative

The hope and goal of the RM of Hart Butte and the Town of Coronach is to transform the Poplar River Community Park into a major tourist destination, water park, and recreation area.
A walking tour was held at the Poplar River Community Park, to show residents the vision of the town of Coronach and the RM of Hart Butte.

CORNOACH - The town of Coronach and the RM of Hart Butte hosted a master plan and walking tour on June 28 of the 50 acre park they hope to develop over the course of the next few years.

It’s a highly ambitious project, but one that - at first glance - appears to be do-able, given the determination, the drive, and creativity of local planners. Over the course of the whole afternoon, many curious people showed up to get a sneak peak of the proposed new development. The actual guided tour group was relatively small - but deeply interested, and seriously engaged.

Imagine, if you will, the existing reservoir and Poplar River Community Park -  just a few kilometres east of Coronach - becoming a major tourist destination, water park, and recreation area. That’s the hope and goal of the RM of Hart Butte and the town of Coronach.
One might say their mandate is to make the ‘dam site’ there a much more successful, desirable, and ‘fun place’ to visit, play, and stay. In short, they ask us to ‘reimagine’ the reservoir with them …

Here then are some of the project goals and objectives .... The planners propose to enhance and expand the existing Poplar River Community Park and campground to attract more visitors and tourists to the area. They will do so by improving services and amenities. They plan to take full advantage of the hugely valuable water resource the reservoir offers.
Planners will begin by planting a significant and sizeable shelter belt of trees on the west side of the park to minimize the effects of the ever-present wind. An official park office and entrance gate will be built. Parking lots will be expanded to accommodate increased traffic and vehicles. The shoreline, beach area, and boat launch, will be improved and expanded to include a marina and pier.
A protected swimming area, diving pier, and waterslide are also planned. Modern washrooms, showers, laundry facilities, kitchen shelter, general store, and concession will also grace the park. Twenty-four hour security will be provided. The RV park and campground will be expanded from the current 18 rental and 12 seasonal sites. These existing sites are currently not nearly enough.

The children’s playground area will be improved, modernized, and expanded. An amphitheatre and event platform / observation deck will be built on a raised portion of land overlooking the water to the East. The amphitheatre will be used for live concerts and movies.
A significant portion of the park will also be set aside to develop cabins for private ownership, lease, year-round accommodation, and use.
Cabins for short-term rentals will also be made available to casual visitors. Project plans include picnic areas, playing fields, and biking and hiking trails. Group camping and tenting areas will be expanded to facilitate the growing demand.

The Village Centre and core facilities will also be improved and expanded. Roads and signage will be changed or upgraded to accommodate the increase in traffic to the area and the park.
As one can plainly see, ‘Reimagining the Reservoir’ is a wonderful, imaginative, and creative proposal that may take years of dreaming, planning, and fundraising to accomplish. Is it possible?
The steering committee, planners, and ‘movers and shakers’ of the area believe that it is absolutely possible. They may very well be right!
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