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Sask. COVID update: monthly data shows higher ICU, death rates for unvaxxed

Sask. data is showing that unvaccinated individuals continue to make up the majority of ICU admissions and COVID-related deaths in November.
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Saskatchewan shared both weekly and monthly data on COVID-19 in the province since November.

REGINA — The Ministry of Health shared several datasets regarding Saskatchewan’s COVID-19 numbers from the past month during it's weekly update today, including a statement regarding out-of-province patient transfers

Health Minister Paul Merriman said that as of Dec. 14, the final COVID-19 patient has returned from Ontario where they were receiving care.

"I would like to pass along my sincerest thanks, not only to the Government of Ontario, but even more-so to the numerous doctors and health care professionals involved with providing support to Saskatchewan residents receiving care in Ontario hospitals," said Merriman.

Since the transfers began on Oct. 18, Saskatchewan sent a total of 27 patients to Ontario to receive ICU care due to COVID-19. At this time, the ministry says no further transfers are planned.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority also provided a statement regarding parental consent for vaccination of children born after 2009.

Parents are now required to be present at the time of vaccination of children between five and 11 years old, to provide consent and support. 

The SHA said that if a parent is unable to be there, another adult can be designated to be present on their behalf through a consent form.

COVID-19 data update:

Data also shared on Dec. 14 detailed a number of statistics from both the past week and the month of November, as a whole.

From Dec. 8-14, a total of 437 new cases were reported in Saskatchewan, with 498 recoveries.

Seven new deaths were recorded, and 110 people are currently in hospital — 76 of whom are receiving inpatient care and 34 in intensive care.

The seven-day average for new COVID cases is currently at 54, or 4.5 per 100,000.

Delivery of monoclonal antibody treatments increased in the last week, with 34 infusions delivered.

Saskatchewan has now reached 83 per cent of its population 5 years and older having received a first dose of vaccine, and 75 per cent fully vaccinated.

The data also noted that over the past month, the rate of ICU admissions and deaths for unvaccinated individuals was much higher than those who are vaccinated. According to the Ministry of Health, the ICU admission rate for unvaccinated individuals in November was 8 per 100,000, compared to 2 per 100,000 in vaccinated individuals. 

In November, 2,005 or 56.4 per cent of the cases reported were either completely unvaccinated or within the first three weeks of receiving a first dose. 

Conversely, 1,207 or 35.9 per cent of cases were fully vaccinated, with 20 per cent of those noted as individuals with comorbid conditions and 16 per cent were over the age of 65.

A total of 173 individuals were hospitalized in November, 67 per cent of which were unvaccinated and 28 per cent fully vaccinated. Four individuals were in the 12-19 age group, and ten were 11 years or younger.

In the ICU, 27 or 62.8 per cent of patients were unvaccinated, while 15 cases or 34.9 per cent were fully vaccinated. Only one ICU patient was partially vaccinated.

Of the 26 individuals who passed away due to COVID in November, 15 were unvaccinated.

Public health continues to encourage residents to head out and get their vaccines as soon as possible, including booster doses for those eligible.