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South Saskatchewan Regiment veteran meets with family on Remembrance Day

Howard Schmidt of Weyburn is one of last surviving members of the South Saskatchewan Regiment

WEYBURN - The family of Howard Schmidt gathered with him at Weyburn’s cenotaph in Memorial Park, following the Remembrance Day service on Thursday.

As the service was virtual this year and the public was not allowed into the Legion Hall, the family arranged to meet him at the cenotaph for photos, and took him out for lunch afterward.

Howard, who is 98 years old, is one of the last surviving members of the South Saskatchewan Regiment.

Left to right are Marcus Harris, Nadine Adderley, Melanie Ror, Howard Schmidt, Marlene Adderley, Val Lund, Don Schmidt, Dolores Roettger, Joanne Babiarz (holding Nevaeh Manko), Erika Manko (holding Natalie Manko) and Kale Babiarz.

The children in front are, from left, Beckett Ror, Livia Audett, Alaina Audett, Daxon Medders and Nika Manko.