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Southeast 4-H kids gather for show and sale

Members from several different southeast clubs participated in the sale:
Ethan Brooks from Cloverbuds 4-H Club with his steer.

ALAMEDA - The regional 4-H Show and Sale occurred in Alameda on June 10, with 117 members in attendance from five clubs all over the southeast corner.

Members completed for awards and had the opportunity to sell off the labours of their hard work. This is a process that starts in October when the member secures their animal, and becomes the sole caregiver throughout the winter and spring up until this annual event. The money of the sales goes towards post-secondary education.

The 4-H members are expected to feed their animals twice a day, morning and night, keep accurate and relevant record books and brush and rinse their animals off weekly.

Jason Frey, the general leader of the Alameda 4-H Club and spokesperson for the Alameda Regional Show, said his son Joran rinses off his animals every day but also admitted that not everyone is that dedicated.  Joran’s hard work paid off, winning this year’s champion two-year-old cow/calf pair.

There is also a chance for 4-H members to practise their own judging skills.

“They have judging cards and all the kids from the clubs evaluate four steers that the show judges have pulled out of the barn,” said Pamela Dmytriw. “They have to come to a conclusion as to how to place the animals and give a written response.”

The judges then compare the members grading to their predetermined own.

“This year they also added oral judging so the kids turned in their cards (not able to see their notes) and had to explain to the judges their placements and why they put them the way they did,” said Dmytriw.

After the livestock judging, there was a team grooming mixer event, where all the members whose home bases are Carnduff, Carlyle, Alameda, Alida and Maryfield split up into teams of three or four people. They were divided up with a mix from all clubs to work together and promote intermingling.

The teams are judged on grooming and the winners received a banner that said Champion Groomers to go with a new comb for their animals to enjoy.

Other awards that were given were best record book. All the members submitted their books a month ago for the judges to go through as well as best at showing your animal off.

The grand champion steer winner this year was Kate Nielson, with reserve champion steer being Amy Gilliland. In the category of female supreme champion was Kirk Rutten, with reserve female supreme champion going to Dylan Frey.

As well as the husbandry aspect of 4-H, there is more required to complete the 4-H year. A questionnaire about what you learned has to be filled out as well as putting together a speech and presenting it in public, to hone one’s oratory skills. Top speakers from each age group are chosen from the local district and then move on to regionals. If they are found to be the best at regionals they then go on to provincials. This year provincials were held in Lloydminster.