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St. Michael School bike club gears up for riding

The St. Michael Bike Club will use trails created by Weyburn Mountain Bikers, located near the Heritage Village

WEYBURN – The St. Michael School Bike Club had their first meet on May 3.

The purpose of the club is to educate students on road safety, physical fitness and biking skills. Participants range in age from Grades 6 to 9.

Dave Hodgkin with Weyburn Mountain Bikers was on hand to offer his expertise on bike maintenance and skills.  In future meets, he will help introduce students to the newly developed 2.4 km of trails by the Heritage Village on the south end of town.

Weyburn Mountain Bikers Inc. have been cutting and building bike trails in Tatagwa Parkway for two years. So far, they have developed 2.4 km of dirt track, and have been working with the city, and they have approved the trails.

The trails are accessible for all skill levels and bike types, but they also offer opportunities for skills building. WMB hope to expand the sport of mountain biking in Weyburn as they continue to build trails.

You may see the St. Michael Bike Club riding through town after school. Be sure to offer a friendly wave, if you do.

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