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Tax concession granted for new multi-bay shop

The City of Weyburn approved a request for a tax concession for a new development, a proposed new multi-bay industrial shop and office building on Ebel Road.

The City of Weyburn approved a request for a tax concession for a new development, a proposed new multi-bay industrial shop and office building on Ebel Road.

An Alberta company, Able Ventures, wants to put up a building with office, shop and compound space for up to 10 separate tenants in a two-phase development, with five units in each phase. The development is targeted to the needs of the oil industry.

The city's Economic Development Committee has recommended a concession be granted on each of the two phases.

The first concession, on the first phase (which is currently under construction), is for 100 per cent in 2011 and 2012, for the assessment and improvements on the first five units; the second concession is for 100 per cent in the year of construction and the year following.

With construction already begun on the first phase, Doug Mulhall, manager of Community Services, admitted he should've brought this request earlier to council.

He said the uncertainty of the wording of the concession for the second phase was due to not knowing when they will build it. "We're not sure when the second phase will go up; it may go up next year," said Mulhall.

The economic development committee recommended the tax concession should be granted to help promote economic development, job creation and capacity-building objectives.

"We are aware that the City of Weyburn must compete with other communities for economic development projects as opportunities arise," said Mulhall on behalf of the committee.

The city's Leisure Services Commission fielded a request from the Weyburn Comprehensive School about booking the use of Crescent Point Place in September of 2012, as the school will be hosting a national leadership conference here.

Joanne Jensen, the sponsorship coordinator for the Canadian Student Leadership Conference, told the committee Weyburn will host the National Student Leadership Conference from Sept. 23 to Sept. 29, 2012, with over 800 students and between 200 and 250 advisors converging on Weyburn from across Canada.

The city was asked if Crescent Point Place might be used for the final night of the conference for the closing ceremonies, banquet and dance.

The commission advised that the school's facility coordinator, Bob King, contact Mathew Warren, director of Leisure Services, when the conference plans are further ahead, as facility usage will need to be coordinated with the Weyburn Red Wings and other facility users, plus a floor will need to be put down over the ice.

Discussions over recycling issues were raised at the Environmental Resource committee, including the use and misuse of the city's green recycling bins.

Firstly, the volumes of recycling materials was shared, with 29.5 tonnes of paper and cardboard sent to Crown Shred for recycling in the month of May, while a large amount of paper, 15.3 tonnes worth, was taken to the landfill instead of being recycled.

Some options were then discussed to help reduce the amount of paper and cardboard being thrown out in the landfill rather than being recycled.

One option, that was recommended to be made into a city bylaw, is to double the tipping fee for paper and cardboard being taken to the landfill.

There was also discussion about changing the location for the drop-off bins as a way to avoid the misuse and littering that is happening at the bins, located on East Avenue near the SARCAN depot. Another option is for bins that do not open widely, and would therefore force the person to flatten the boxes being recycled.

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