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Warm Welcome Kitchen in Estevan is in need of a co-ordinator

Kitchen provides meals to about 70 people twice a week
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The Warm Welcome Kitchen is seeking a kitchen co-ordinator.

Estevan's Warm Welcome Kitchen is in need of an individual who would take over the grocery shopping and cooking for patrons twice a week.

The project has been struggling with finding a kitchen co-ordinator since November, and if no one steps forward, the charity, which provides hot meals to about 70 people, may have to fold.

"It's really stressful because just from knowing the people who come out to pick up meals twice a week, we know people are needing that help. Budgets are tight, food bills are going up. So having a couple of free meals every week really helps with food budgets for people. So we really don't want to see the program stopped," said Wendy Godfrey, Warm Welcome Kitchen board chair.

They are looking for a full-time kitchen co-ordinator, who would come twice a week and take care of grocery shopping and preparing the food.

"We're looking for someone who can shop for us, Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and then cook the meal, and then package it up, and help hand it out every Tuesday and Thursday. So we need someone who has their safe food handling course. And someone who knows how to make meals for 70 to 80 people," Godfrey gave the details.

She added that it takes about five hours twice a week to do shopping, cooking and distributing. It's a volunteer job, but it does come with an honorarium that's paid monthly and they reimburse the kitchen co-ordinator for all groceries.

The kitchen has been without a full-time cook since the end of November. Over the past almost two months they had a few people step forward and cover for the kitchen part-time. 

"We're really thankful to Christa Jorgenson, who was our full-time cook, she stepped up in December and made sure we had all our meals. And so far in January, one meal was provided by Certified Energy. They purchased everything, served everything, it was wonderful. The rest of the meals this month have been prepared by Christine Farquhar and her daughters, Amanda and Tory, with volunteer help, too, but they've taken it on.

“Unfortunately, the girls go to school and the mom works. So it's a lot for them to take on, but they don't want to see the kitchen closed, and they don't want to see people going hungry. So they've volunteered to do it for this month," Godfrey said.

"And fingers crossed, we can find someone for February."

The kitchen has some donations coming in, allowing them to still provide hot full-scale meals, and they serve up to 80 people twice a week every week.

"We're not doing too badly. We've had some nice donations come in over the last little while. Of course, every little bit helps," Godfrey said.

"For anyone who would like to make a donation, we sure are accepting them. People are donating here and there, so it's really helping out."

Hot, fully prepared and ready-to-eat suppers are served take-out style every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30-6 p.m. from Trinity Lutheran Church at no charge to anyone who needs it.

If anyone wants to apply for the job or needs more information, they can send their resume to

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