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Washrooms may be coming to Lions Park sooner than later

Town council held their regular meeting on July 6. Regens Disposal Limited has started replacing carts as outlined in the last Town of Carlyle newsletter.

Town council held their regular meeting on July 6.

Regens Disposal Limited has started replacing carts as outlined in the last Town of Carlyle newsletter. This replacing of carts means that residents of Carlyle now have the option of having larger recycling carts. The service provider held a barbeque as a fundraiser for the pool and requested that a representative from council attend.

The Town of Carlyle continues with back alley pickup which means that residents are able to place items such as trees and branches in their alley for removal.

Carlyle has received complaints concerning the location of campers throughout the year. A discussion of potential options took place dependent upon whether the complaint was regarding a public property or a private property.

Work continues on the water line. Water was turned off on July 11 to allow for the connection of the new valve. This is another step in the connection of the water, but the switch over to the new water system is yet to occur. The town is expecting an updated report shortly.

The Lions Park has looked into purchasing self-contained washrooms for the park. The building they are looking at is a self-contained unit that is moveable. The unit includes both male and female sections in it with seven toilets and five urinals. A representative from Lions Park was on hand to request the town's assistance with the maintenance and cleaning of the unit. The organization has already received confirmation of donations from a variety of organizations within the community as the park is used for a number of events. The general consensus was that the council was in favour of supporting the initiative.

Council passed the tax discount bylaw amendment which allowed for the extension of the three percent tax discount until July 31 for this year only. The amendment resulted from the delay in tax notice distribution caused from the appeal process and the Canada Post strike. Residents need to be aware that this is a one-time amendment and next year's tax deadline will return to normal deadlines.

Substantial discussion concerning the sewer main resulted in council's acceptance of the engineers report. This granted the engineers authorization to proceed with the relocation of the sewer main on the west boulevard of sixth street west and eliminate the section of sewer main on block 28. All council members in attendance were in favour.

An environmental assessment of the lagoon has been requested by Community Planning as a result of the subdivision application that was made for the proposed duplexes. Saskatchewan Environment has requested the assessment and the town believes that the report performed last year should be sufficient. Therefore, council will be submitting the report to the Community Planning branch.

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