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Weekly RCMP report

There were 40 calls in the period from August 5-11. This report is compiled in the order in which the calls appear in police records. A complaint was received from the area regarding an individual shouting outside a residence.

There were 40 calls in the period from August 5-11. This report is compiled in the order in which the calls appear in police records.

A complaint was received from the area regarding an individual shouting outside a residence. Members attended and gave the mildly-intoxicated person a ride to another residence.

Members assisted the Federal Crown by arresting two individuals near Alida.

A 911 caller reported an assault with a weapon. The victim was hit on the head by an object thrown from a vehicle. Members investigated and charged a 24-year-old female with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and assault with a weapon.

Members attended a residence in the area following a 911 call regarding a fight between two males. No charges were laid as the altercation was consentual.

An assault was reported in Arcola and is under investigation.

A 911 call was received regarding two apparently intoxicated persons at a gas station. Members made patrols but were unable to locate the suspects.

A subpoena was issued in Carlyle, on behalf of SaskJustice, requiring the recipient to act as a witness in a case in Regina.

Members attended a residence in the area following a complaint of an intoxicated person causing a disturbance. The person had left the residence by the time police arrived and no charges were laid.

A 911 caller told police that three individuals had shown up at their residence and wanted to fight. The caller asked police to hurry or they would have to use a weapon. Members attended and found no sign of the three individuals, however the caller was intoxicated. No charges were laid.

A bar fight at Kenosee Lake had already broken up when police arrived on the scene. A complaint of vandalism to vehicles was also made, and the incident is under investigation.

Two 911 calls were received from a camper in Kenosee, regarding a noisy party. Members attended but when they arrived in the area, everything was quiet. After police left, the caller said the noise started up again. Campground officials were notified to ask that the offending parties be asked to leave in the morning.

A traffic stop on Hwy 9 led to the arrest of a person that was driving while suspended. The vehicle was seized and a ticket issued for the individual to appear in court on the charge of driving while license renewal was refused by issuer.

A complaint of mischief was investigated in Redvers. No charges were laid.

Police were called to assist security with three situations at a local event. One related to individuals consuming alcohol, police drove them to another residence at the request of security. A second incident related to a person who was banned from attending, and a third situation involved an individual being hit by a moving vehicle at slow speed. The person was taken to hospital and no charges were laid as their own actions contributed to the situation.

A complaint of harassing text messages is under investigation.

A hit and run was reported in Wawota. Police were unable to attend at the time, but the matter is under investigation.

A 27-year-old male was arrested in the area following a complaint that they were intoxicated and not wanted at the location. They were lodged in cells overnight until sober. The complainant did not wish to press charges.

A 911 caller reported a vehicle driving behind them, swerving all over the road. No plate was given and members were unable to follow up.

A complaint was received after a person fell victim to a computer scam that is currently active. They allowed the caller to have access to their computer and gave them credit card information to pay for the so-called service. Members followed up by visiting a web site and calling a service number, after which they advised the complainant to cancel their credit card and call a reputable computer technician to assess possible damage to the computer, or to check for malicious software.

A 20-year-old male was found unconscious in Kenosee Lake area. They were lodged in cells until sober.

Members on patrol observed a fight between two individuals in Kenosee. EMS attended but no charges were laid.

A false alarm at a business in Arcola was investigated. It was determined an employee had accidently set off a panic button on their keys.

A 24-year-old male was charged with impaired driving in Carlyle.

A caller reported a vehicle being driven dangerously near Carlyle. Members did not locate the vehicle, but the license plate was given by the caller and investigations continue.

A caller reported a field fire near Wawota. The local fire department attended the incident, and police were called for information purposes only.

A break and enter was reported at a cabin near Cannington Manor. The cabin was empty therefore nothing was stolen, but damage was done to the door. The matter is under investigation.

An employee at a business in Carlyle was attacked by five or six women. The incident was caught on security video and is under investigation.

Two males were reported as loitering near a church in Carlyle. Police are investigating.

A false alarm was reported at a residence in Redvers.

A caller from Kisbey reported cars racing down the street and a group of around 15 persons causing a disturbance. Members attended but all was quiet by the time they arrived.

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