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Weekly RCMP report

Due to scheduling changes, the weekly RCMP report for the Carlyle Detachment will now run covering a period from Friday to Thursday. Due to this change, the report for this week will run from Sunday, Nov. 21 until Thursday, Nov. 25.

Due to scheduling changes, the weekly RCMP report for the Carlyle Detachment will now run covering a period from Friday to Thursday.

Due to this change, the report for this week will run from Sunday, Nov. 21 until Thursday, Nov. 25.

A total of 24 occurrences required police attention.

Sunday, Nov. 21 saw a total of eight calls.

Three complaints of assault were made, two from the Carlyle area, and one from the Kisbey area.

In all three cases, members attended the scene, and investigations into all three alleged assaults (which appear to be unrelated) is continuing at this time.

Also on Nov. 21, a complaint was made regarding two males who were apparently involved in fisticuffs.

Attending members discovered both the parties when responding to the call, and both individuals showed signs of intoxication.

Neither of the two combatants wished to pursue charges against the other. Both were spoken to by the RCMO, and the matter is viewed as closed at this time.

Members were summoned to assist with a child custody issue that had arisen between parents.

Attending members proceeded with an investigation into the accusations being made, and found neither party to be in breach of the law.

Another fight complaint drew members out to the community of Carlyle.

Attending members found two females involved in a violent confrontation at a local drinking establishment.

After interceding in the dispute, members found that neither of the combatants wished to pursue charges against the other.

Members issued verbal warnings to both parties, who were then sent on their way.

A complaint of an intoxicated individual drew members to a residence in the Carlyle area.

Arriving at the scene, it was discovered that the intoxicated individual was in fact the owner of the property.

The complainant therefore left the premises and proceeded to another location.

Nov. 22 reports began with an alleged cruelty to animals.

Members responded to a complaint, which originated in the Carlyle area, which alleged animal abuse,

Arriving at the scene, members discovered a young puppy which had been tied to the exterior of a motor home.

After investigation, members determined that the dog was in good health, and that the weather was not severe enough to be a danger to the life of the dog. No charges were pursued.

A single vehicle motor vehicle accident drew members to the community of Redvers.

The vehicle in question had lost control while within town limits, and struck a parking abutment.

There were no injuries from the collision, and damages were minor.

No charges were laid in relation to this matter.

A complaint was investigated regarding the theft of materials from a construction site in the area of Forget.

A quantity of material was allegedly taken from the construction site, and investigations into the matter remain ongoing.

Cpl. Kelly Guider of the RCMP was asked to represent the RCMP at a Moose Mountain Air Cadets meeting recently.

Attending to provide a seminar about ()(), requests for RCMP personnel visits to clubs and groups are forwarded through the detachment, and approved through the command chain.

Members attended to the report of an attempted break and enter in the community of Carlyle.

The owner of the residence where the event took place had arrived home to find the rear door of the domicile ajar, and footprints in the snow leading to and from the door across the back yard of the home.

The homeowner had been unable to determine if anything had been stolen, though the presence of two large dogs in the home, the RCMP feel, likely ended the event before it had time to truly begin.

An investigation into the matter remains ongoing.

Nov. 23 began with a complaint of a deer-motor vehicle collision.

Occurring on highway 9 south of Carlyle, the collision had left the vehicle undriveable although the driver was uninjured in the collision.

A call drew members to a cabin in the area, where a complaint was lodged regarding an alleged break-and-enter.

Members have been investigating the event, and have identified a suspect at this time, though the investigation continues at this time.

A series of complaints from Redvers drew members to that community.

In what is suspected as being a single act, a number of vehicles in the community were purposefully scratched, or 'keyed,' within the town.

Members are investigating the event, though the RCMP does request that, should anyone have any information regarding the event(s,) to contact either the Carlyle RCMP detachment, or alternatively to contact Crime Stoppers.

Members were drawn to the south east of Carlyle to respond to a complaint of a vehicle off-roading.

The vehicle in question was located near the new Carlyle residential subdivision.

After identifying the driver, members issued a verbal warning.

A two-vehicle collision occurred two kilometres west of Wawota on highway 48 drew members to respond.

Following an investigation into the matter, the members determined that weather was a substantial factor in the collision, and no charges have been laid in the matter.

The collision, while causing no significant injury, still left both vehicles in an undriveable state.

Nov. 24 saw members responding to a single vehicle roll-over.

The vehicle, which was left in an unusable condition after the event, was later towed from the scene.

No injuries were reported.

Nov. 25 drew members to investigate a complaint of a lost passport in the community of Redvers.

As a federal identity paper, RCMP investigations always follow passport losses or thefts.

The matter remains under investigation.