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Weekly RCMP report

The weekly report is prepared with the assistance of the Carlyle RCMP. Issues involving the Mental Health Act, among others, are not reported. The report of this week covers the period of Jan. 9 to Jan 15.

The weekly report is prepared with the assistance of the Carlyle RCMP. Issues involving the Mental Health Act, among others, are not reported.

The report of this week covers the period of Jan. 9 to Jan 15. The detachment assisted with 41 calls during that time period.

January 9

RCMP received a Complaint of a male observed to be walking away from the rear of North American Lumber, carrying two large bags. RCMP members responded and located the individual. The individual had collected two bags of bottles to be recycled for money.

RCMP issued a speeding ticket to a 26-year-old male for $220 on highway 13 near Redvers. The individual was going 150-km/h in a 100-km/h zone.

Members of the detachment assisted with an intoxicated individual in the area. The 21-year-old male was taken to another relative's house where they agreed to look after him for the evening.

The detachment received a complaint of mischief in Redvers. A beer bottle was thrown through a window of a residence, and there are no suspects.

RCMP received a call of a break and entry into a cabin near Arcola. The front door had been kicked in, and a suspect was located from evidence left behind. He was subsequently spoken to. No charges were laid, as per the complaintants wishes. It appeared nothing was taken from the cabin.

The detachment took some fingerprints for an applicant.

January 10

Police received a 911 call from a female, advising that someone was trying to stab someone. Operator had a hard time hearing the individual, who then started whispering and said goodbye. Members went to an address in the area which the phone number was associated, but the person the phone belongs to was at another location. Members then attended that location, found the caller, who was very intoxicated. She was spoken to and advised not to call 911 for fictitious reasons. The owner of the place said she could still stay there. The owner was sober, and unaware she had made the call. No charges were laid.

RCMP were called to a residence in the area for two males who were causing problems and disturbing a meeting. Members attended, one of the males had gone to bed. Another male was still in the hall causing a disturbance. Police arrested the 25-year-old for intoxication in public, and he was brought back to the cells to sober up for the night.

Policed received a call of an intoxicated driver. He was seen at the Co-op gas bar in Carlyle. Members attended but he had already left. Patrols were made and a vehicle was spotted matching the description. A traffic stop was initiated, however the driver did not display any signs of intoxication.

RCMP received a call regarding of a suspicion person, a possibly intoxicated male, changing a tire on a dirt road. Members attended. The suspected individual was sober and the vehicle had blown a tire.

RCMP received a report of an abandoned vehicle. The caller advised she was sledding, and seen a Dodge Durango upside in the bush. The vehicle had no license plate and the tires were missing. The investigation is on-going.

The detachment received a complaint of mischief during the evening. Complainant advised that change boxes were vandalized at Kenosee Lake. Members attended. The matter is still under investigation and a suspect has been identified.

January 11

RCMP received a complaint from town of Arcola, advising of a GMC half-ton parked on the approach on the 604 at the edge of town. Members contacted the registered owner, who had just purchased vehicle was transferring plates. The vehicle had broken down. The vehicle has since been removed.

A 20-year-old male from Redvers issued a bench warrant when he failed to appear in court in Carlyle.

A 20-year-old male from the area issued a bench warrant when he failed to appear in court in Carlyle.

The detachment received a call regarding a suspicious person near the A&W. An unknown female had used the washroom and left, on foot. The individual looked cold, and the caller thought members should check on her safety. Members made a patrol on highway 9 where the female was last seen walking, and also checked around Carlyle. Members were unable to locate her.

RCMP received a report of a theft of money from a business in Arcola. The matter is still under investigation.

January 12

Police issued a seatbelt ticket to a 22-year-old male in Carlyle. The ticket was $175.

The detachment received a complaint from a local business in Carlyle in regards to an NSF cheque. The matter is still under investigation.

RCMP received a complaint of an assault between two co-workers at a business in Carlyle. Complaint didn't want any charges laid just a verbal warning to the assaulter. It was a minor assault. A warning was given, and the file concluded.

January 13

A vehicle was stopped in the area doing 171-km/h in an 80-km/h zone on highway 9. The 21-year-old male driver was arrested and released on a promise to appear. He has subsequently been charged with dangerous driving. The vehicle was towed, and the individual was also issued a ticket for driving while suspended.

The detachment received a report of a semi-trailer hauling oil just west of Arcola that went through the yield sign. The investigation is continuing.

RCMP received a complaint from a female that a individual was passed out in the Laundromat in Carlyle. Members attended and located a 40-year-old male who was very intoxicated. Members arrested the individual who was locked in cells until sober and issued a ticket for $200 for being intoxicated in public.

The detachment received a call from an individual advising he had just quit his job, and the business was refusing to give him his last cheque. The employer of the business also called regarding the matter. Both parties were advised it was a civil matter, not a criminal matter.

RCMP received a complaint from an individual advising she was being harassed at work by another co-worker. The individual contacted the union but feels her job is in jeopardy and may file harassment charges. Complainant stated she was also being accused of saying things she has not. The complainant was referred to her union, as nothing in which she had advised police of was a criminal matter. It was a civil matter.

A couple people attend the detachment for fingerprints for immigration purposes.

RCMP received a complaint from Redvers in regards to mischief. Complainant advised police that the driver side window and mirror of a vehicle had been smashed while parked at the residence. There are no witnesses or suspects. The complainant did see a person standing outside at the time with a hood on. The person was not overly big, but the complainant wasn't able see any more details. The matter is still under investigation.

January 14

The police received a call from an individual who hear what sounded like two gunshots outside her residence in the area. Members made a patrol in the area and observed a vehicle driving away from the area. The vehicle was stopped and police located a passenger with a rifle concealed next to him, and ammo nearby. The passenger, who was on a firearms prohibition, was arrested, charged, and lodged in cells over night. The driver of vehicle showed signs of impairment. A road side screening device was used. The individual provided a sample, which showed up as an alert, and a 24-hour suspension was issued. Another passenger was found possessing ammunition in his pocket. The individual was also prohibited from firearms and was also arrested and released on documentation to appear in court.

RCMP received complaints of mischief done to ATM machine at the Spectra Credit Union in Redvers. The ATM was vandalized with the screen was smashed. Members attended. While reviewing surveillance tapes, the 18-year-old responsible arrived and admitted to causing the damage. A statement was taken, and he was released on promise to appear. Crown will proceed by way of alternative measures.

The detachment received a 911 call from the area with a complaint of somebody smashing the complainant's windows. The suspect left the residence in a two-door red car and took off westbound.

January 15

RCMP received a 911 call in regards to a break-up. When one party left the hotel room, she had taken the complainant's work boots. Police spoke to the other party who said she did not intentionally take the boots; they were in the vehicle when she left. She advised she would return and leave the boots at front counter. RCMP informed both parties that property distribution is civil matter.

The detachment received a complaint of a break and enter. The matter was civil dispute between landlord and tenant. Complainant called and asked what could be done to get the situation straightened out, members spoke with complainant who advised he still had rent left until end of month. Members spoke with landlord and confirmed that nobody would be moving in until the end of the month when the agreement was up. The complainant was updated.

RCMP received a call regarding a 40-year-old female at a residence in the area, the individual was not supposed to be at the residence. The individual left, walking westbound. The complainant does not want the individual to continue to bother him and would like to press charges. He was advised he would have to go in to the police station in and provide a statement.