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Weyburn city police charge man for theft of gas

Weyburn police responded to 84 calls for service, including charging a man for theft of gas.
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Weyburn police charged an adult man for stealing gas, after a man drove off without paying for a fillup.

WEYBURN – The Weyburn Police Service (WPS) responded to 84 calls for service during the period of November 7 to 13, resulting in a total of 17 charges. Of the charges, seven were laid under the Criminal Code of Canada, nine under the Traffic Safety Act (TSA), and one under the Tobacco Tax Act.

An adult male who filled his vehicle with over $150 of fuel and then drove off with no attempt to pay has been charged with the theft. Video surveillance showed the male fill his vehicle and drive off quickly without even putting his gas cap back on.

Officers responded to a two-vehicle collision in which one vehicle backed into the pathway of another vehicle. Both vehicles sustained damage but no injuries resulted. An adult female was charged under the TSA for unsafe backing.

Officers responded to a domestic disturbance in the early Monday morning hours resulting in an adult male being charged with assault. The male was released with an upcoming court date.

Thanks to an alert motorist reporting a vehicle which they observed swerving from side to side on the highway, officers were able to locate the vehicle and remove an impaired driver from the roadway. The adult male was arrested and charged for impaired operation of a conveyance. He was released with an upcoming court date. The Weyburn police remind residents to call 911 to Report an Impaired Driver (RID), just as this individual who spotted the swerving vehicle did.

Officers responding to a domestic dispute discovered one of the individuals had an outstanding warrant for their arrest. Officers executed the warrant and released the adult female with an upcoming court appearance. During the incident, officers also discovered the female unlawfully possessed unmarked tobacco and subsequently charged the female under the Tobacco Tax Act.

Officers also responded to a variety of other calls including alarms, domestic disturbances, suspicious persons or vehicles, mental health concerns, requests to check on an individual’s wellbeing, harassing communications, and calls relating to animals or bylaw concerns.

*Anyone with information regarding one of these matters, or any other matter of a criminal nature, is encouraged to contact the Weyburn Police Service at (306) 848-3250, the local RCMP Detachment at 310-RCMP (7267), or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).