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Weyburn Comp student company wins as provincial Company of the Year

The Entrepreneurship 30 class set up a Junior Achievement student company, Bubble Up, which was recognized as the provincial Junior Achievement Company of the Year.

The Entrepreneurship 30 class set up a Junior Achievement student company, Bubble Up, which was recognized as the provincial Junior Achievement Company of the Year. The company held their final board meeting of the semester, where they were presented with a number of awards.

According to a summary of the final report, Bubble Up was an incredibly successful business venture. The business was launched in April of 2021 and continued until June. Orders poured in after the company launched.

“Many of our employees were excellent ambassadors within the community, easily reaching their individual sales goals and contributing to our company’s overall goals. We had 17 hardworking employees in our company,” said the report, issued by co-presidents Risa Burdan and Jamie Borshowa.

“We held multiple production days/nights outside of class, and most employees tried to attend and contribute to our production process.In this difficult time of being in a pandemic, it was perfect to launch a soap business, as people need to keep clean and wash their hands,” they said.

Bubble Up donated 10 per cent of their profits, totaling $553.81, to the Weyburn Salvation Army to help with their food bank, which was in low supply.

This semester the students set many goals to help the company stay motivated and working with a positive attitude.

“Many of our company members went above and beyond this semester. We believe that the dedication, hard work, adaptation, and flexibility of each of our company members this semester is what has truly allowed us to succeed,” said the co-presidents.

There was a total of 774 bottles of soap created, and over 240 soap orders. Overall, production was a massive success. The product was all natural, bubbly, and appealing to all, and the members worked hard to produce top quality soap.

The production experience allowed for personal growth along with valuable experience.

“We had 10 raffle baskets that contained our products along with products from companies in Weyburn and the surrounding area. We were overwhelmed and extremely thankful for the support so many companies gave our company.

“We want to extend a huge thank you to our sponsors for their support and belief in our company. Barber Motors, Knight Dodge, Weimer’s Hometown, Home Hardware, and Great Plains Ford supported and helped us start our company. We could not thank them enough for their help in our company,” said the final report.

Another recognition for the company is the PB Marketing LTD in Regina, as well as the support and sales to Rona, Weyburn Chamber of Commerce, and Community Futures Sunrise.

The students thanked their mentors, Larry Heggs, Verna O’Neill, and Jeff Chessall for their comments and business expertise throughout semester. Their ideas and questions allowed for growth and change in each member as well as bettering and altering our company as a whole.

The company earned many awards, including Emma Zieglgansberger winning the Junior Achievement Marketing Excellence Award; Diamond Krushelinski  received the Human Resource Management Award, and Risa Burdan and Jamie Borshowa won the President of the Year Award.

Bubble Up was also named the JA Company of the Year, the Product Design Award, and the Teamwork Award.

The company team members included Cyrus Alcalde, Raegan Schlosser, Diamond Krushelniski, Jessica Benning, Janayah Tichkowsky, Mason Thackeray, Avery Moule, Risa Burdan, Jamie Borshowa, Rohan Haupstein, Jenaya Sabourin, Codi Gibson, Stephanie Tegart, Mei Segade, Emma Zieglgansberger and Katelynn Shipley, with Margot Arnold, teacher and Junior Achievement advisor.

Two awards were also presented for the JA company from the first semester, Bust 'N Beads, as Abby Pohl was recognized as the Salesperson of the Year, and Jaylynn Haupstein was given the Leadership Excellence Award.