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Weyburn Credit Union awards Community Fund grants to 14 groups

A total of $57,000 was awarded to 14 organizations in the Weyburn and surrounding area
The Weyburn Credit Union announced the 14 recipients of the Community Fund grants

Weyburn Credit Union (WCU) announced $57,000 in Community Fund Grants are being awarded to 14 well-deserving community organizations as of Oct. 21, Credit Union Day.

It’s no secret that Weyburn Credit Union is committed to help build a strong and vibrant community. In fact, typically one per cent of the Credit Union’s profits are allocated to the WCU Community Fund each year. Community groups and organizations can apply for funding for projects and initiatives that have a long- lasting, far-reaching positive impact within the local community.

Over the past 10 years, the Community Fund has awarded over $400,000 in grants to local community organizations! Weyburn Credit Union is proud to announce who is receiving funding this year!

Fillmore Royal Canadian Legion: $5,000

The Fillmore Legion is using their grant to renovate their Legion Room. The Legion Room serves as a gathering place for social functions in the community. As well, it houses the Honour Roll of the men and women who have served the country, commemorative plaques, photos of many of their veterans, and other memorabilia.

Inclusion Weyburn: $2,000

The grant is helping to purchase equipment for their Snoezelen Room. A Snoezelen Room is a controlled, multisensory, therapeutic environment that soothes, stimulates and helps reduce agitation and anxiety. It can also engage and delight, stimulate reactions, and encourage communication. The grant will be used to purchase a fibre optic light spray set that provides visual and tactile stimulation.

Lang Community Club: $5,000

Lang Community Club is undertaking a huge project – the Legacy Ball Diamonds Project. They are looking to refresh their ball diamonds, complete with new bleachers, updated bathrooms, and repairs to the fence and dugouts. WCU is only too happy to help.

Lang First Responders: $3,000

To be able to respond to emergency situations quickly, Lang First Responders is equipping all their first responders with an AED unit. WCU is happy to support the Lang First Responders and provide a grant to purchase one new AED unit.

Nickle Lake Regional Park: $2,000

Nickle Lake will be using their grant to expand their outdoor movie and glow golf experiences. The park is committed to providing affordable, fun, family events within the community; WCU is happy to help them do just that.

Town of Yellow Grass: $8,000

The Town of Yellow Grass is looking to create a multi-purpose sports court and outdoor fitness park for the community of Yellow Grass and surrounding area. The facility will engage all ages of residents, providing an opportunity to maintain their physical activity and mental health. WCU is supporting their endeavours with a Community Fund Grant.

Weyburn Ag Society: $8,500

Weyburn Agricultural Society has been a part of the Weyburn community for many years. They provide a venue for Weyburn and rural areas for many events, including cattle shows, the annual fair, Pro Rodeo, food and beverage expo, conventions, meetings, weddings and many more. WCU is happy to help the Ag Society install accessible doors for the lobby and washrooms at their building – giving more independence to those using mobility aids.

Weyburn Care-A-Van Inc: $2,500

Since 1980, Weyburn Care-A-Van Inc. has been serving Weyburn and surrounding areas with essential transportation services. Their mandate is to ensure that people of all ages with mobility or disability issues have safe, accessible and affordable transit services when needed. When Weyburn Care-A-Van approached WCU for help replacing their mini-van, WCU was happy to help with a grant towards a new accessible mini-van.

Weyburn Golf Club: $5,000

The Weyburn Golf Club provides an affordable public golf facility for the community. Not to mention, it is a venue for many non-profits to fundraise much-needed dollars. The current irrigation system has reached its end of life and is in need of replacement. WCU is happy to provide a grant to help them replace the irrigation system on nine holes.

Weyburn Gymnastics Club: $2,500

The Weyburn Gymnastics Club is a community-based and not-for-profit club that encourages active and competitive participation for children of all ages and levels of ability. The club provides a healthy lifestyle, positive self-image, leadership and camaraderie for their athletes. WCU is helping them with a grant to purchase new equipment for their gymnastics and cheer programs.

Weyburn Lacrosse Association: $3,000

In response to the COVID restrictions imposed last year, as well of their love of the sport, Weyburn Lacrosse introduced field lacrosse as an alternative to box lacrosse. With the new offering, they are in need of new and different equipment. WCU is helping them purchase equipment for their field lacrosse program with a Community Fund Grant.

Weyburn Minor Baseball: $5,000

Two years ago, the dugouts on Diamond #5 at Jubilee Park were torn down because they were deemed unsafe for use. Weyburn Minor Ball is looking to build new dugouts for Diamond #5 with the help of a WCU Community Fund Grant.

Weyburn Skating Club: $2,500

The Weyburn Skating Club provides skating instruction for children in the community setting foot on the ice for the very first time through their CanSkate programs, to elite competitive skaters in their Star Skate programs. The club also offers CanPower skating, which gives hockey players an opportunity to improve and build on their skating skills. The WCU Community Fund is helping the Skating Club upgrade the coach office and purchase new equipment to improve their off-ice program.

Weyburn Wor-Kin Shop: $3,000

The Weyburn Wor-Kin Shop provides support services so citizens experiencing intellectual disabilities can achieve their ideal quality of life. Their vocational training centre provides individuals who experience intellectual disabilities the opportunity to participate in a work training environment to learn skills and gain confidence in their abilities. WCU is helping the Wor-Kin Shop purchase equipment for their vocational training centre and continue their awesome work.

And with that, Weyburn Credit Union is making the community $57,000 better, brighter and stronger.

“But the real story here isn’t the $57,000 in grants; it’s the amazing work being done by amazing people that makes our community better, brighter and stronger. We’re just proud to be able to give them a hand. Given the past few years we’ve had, being able to give a helping hand is just that much more meaningful,” said Tana Torkelson, VP of Marketing with Weyburn Credit Union.

“This proves, more than words ever could, that when you bank with a credit union you are truly a part of something bigger. Our thanks and gratitude go out to our members who make the WCU Community Fund possible.”