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Weyburn health professional part of nat'l panel studying housing

Trevor Tessier is part of Action Canada, a 10-month public policy leadership program, which will look at housing issues across the country.
Trevor Tessier-wide
Trevor Tessier, a health care professional based in Weyburn, is part of Action Canada, a nation-wide program for public policy development that will be looking into housing issues here and across Canada.

WEYBURN – Weyburn resident Trevor Tessier is hoping to add his views and expertise to an organization studying the issue of housing across Canada to do up a policy paper on how to address the situation.

He was selected to be part of a group of young leaders selected from across the country to be a part of Action Canada, an independent, non-partisan and non-profit organization and charity based in Ontario, and led by Action Canada Alumni.

He had to write an essay about housing issues as they pertain to southeast Saskatchewan, and was selected to be part of the group which will travel around to different parts of Canada to study the housing issues in each region, over a 10-month period.

The group started off in Ottawa, but he wasn’t able to make it due to the airport delays in Toronto. Other destinations for the group will take him to Yellowknife, NWT, in September, and Quebec.

“I will be touring around Canada to see how the housing crisis is different in each area, and see some solutions to solve the housing crisis,” said Tessier, noting his is the lone voice from Saskatchewan in the group. Once they have toured to different locations, the group will work together to formulate a policy paper to address the housing issue.

Tessier lives with his wife Grecia and new son Aiden in Weyburn, as the director of Primary Health Care with the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

In addition to his work for Saskatchewan Health Authority, he is an owner of Allied Exams Corporation and a low-income rental business. Trevor was also a former reserve military medic and now gives back by supporting the local Royal Canadian Army Cadets as a leader.

His work has roots in where he grew up, supporting underserved rural and remote communities, building teams, and connecting groups to focus on a common purpose through intersecting community partnerships, population health, and business efficiencies.

In 2017, Action Canada and the Public Policy Forum joined forces to expand Canada’s top accelerator of new leaders. Together they deliver the Action Canada Fellowship, a 10-month public policy leadership program with a 17-year track that aims to enhance emerging leaders’ understanding of the country and public policy choices for the future.

Since its creation in 2003, the Fellowship program has achieved this goal by bringing together outstanding young Canadians whose talents, experiences and perspectives represent the mosaic of the country and by connecting them through shared experiences in communities and places across Canada.

Tessier holds a Master’s in Business Administration and a Diploma in Respiratory Therapy from Thompson Rivers University and a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry with a Minor in Kinesiology from the University of Regina. As the Vice-Chair of Southeast College, the co-chair of the Policy and Bylaw Committee, and previous chair of the professional conduct committee for the Saskatchewan College of Respiratory Therapy, as well as the co-founder of the Dr. Mulder Health Foundation, he strives to bring teams together in health and education.